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Facebook Game Reviews: Gridiron Live

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Gridiron Live is a Football simulation game on Facebook. Players can build their teams with different rated players, play the computer, or each other using different plays from their playbook. New plays and players can be purchased in the marketplace with game coins or real cash.

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    Gridiron Live Basics

    Gridiron Live If you’re a football fan and want to get into some football action on Facebook Gridiron Live might just be the game you are looking for. New players can create a team name, team colors and use existing logos to make their team stand out. As a new players your team will be quite weak so as you gain game coins you will want to buy better players from the marketplace. You will receive game coins whether you win or lose. If you play against real opponents you will receive more coins compared to playing against the computer. Players don’t actually control their teams they use playbooks and allow each play to unfold on the field. Both offensive and defensive plays are available in the game.

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    Playing a Game

    Gridiron Live Gridiron Live is new so there are not a whole lot of options in the game. There are no leagues or leader boards just play against either the computer or another game player. You can chose to play a game of two, three, or five minute quarters and there is also a quick game option of three to five minutes in length. You can pick the computer team you want to play against with teams that have a higher salary being harder to defeat while teams closer to your salary will be more suited for you.You should play the computer first to get a feel for the game before chalenging another player. Player challenges are done automatically so you can't pick who you want to play against. You can also accept the daily challenge which will put you up against a computer controlled team and if you win, you will receive an award such as a new player. Once you get into the game you will have various plays you can call upon from your playbook .If your on offensive you will have such plays as the shotgun to call upon while on defense the blitz and other plays are available. As a new player you will probably lose quite a few games since your starting team is extremely poor using mainly scrubs and a few average players.

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    Building Your Team

    Gridiron Live The object of the game is to build a better team so this will be your goal once you have played a few games. You can acquire new players by completing challenges against the computer or by using the marketplace. The marketplace is your best place to get new players since the daily challenge against the computer usually rewards you with just an average player. All the players in the game have a rating from scrubs all the way up to franchise players. You will want to start building your team with better players that you can purchase usng your game coins or real life cash in the marketplace. Each day the marketplace changes so you will always have new players available. There are also player packs that are available with both offensive and defensive player packs you can purchase.

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    Gridiron Live The core of Gridiron Live is your offensive and defensive playbook. You can buy new plays packs in the marketplace to beef up your existing playbook.Once you have some coins you should buy the extra plays because they will really help your game. On offense you have access to such plays as the shotgun formation, long passes, rushes, and running plays. On defense you can call upon the blitz, coverage plays, as well as goal line formations. You will have a few seconds to pick your play and you can see which play the other team has selected so you can try find a play that will work against it. Your team does a good job trying to complete the play and its fun when one play works and you gain yards. If you have better players on your team you will naturally complete more plays and move the ball down the field more often.

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    Game Play

    Gridiron Live The graphics in this game are not great so don’t expect Madden football here but they do the job. You can see each play being carried out on the field and there are some minimal sound effects, but no color commentary or anything advanced. The heart of the game is still the playbook and not the graphics. If your looking for a great looking football game you won’t find it with Gridiron Live. I found the playbook to be quite good and the games I played were fun. You will easily defeat the computer once you have upgraded your players so going head to head against another opponent is recommended once you get the hang of the game. Gridiron Live needs leagues or other advanced statistics because it is quite minimal right now. You can play against other players but you have no way of tracking your progress besides wins and losses. Leagues or player leader boards would improve this game and give a player something to strive towards.

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    Gridiron Live is one of the better sports games I have played on Facebook. The game is still in beta and shows a great deal of potential. The ability to upgrade your plays and team players with better ones gives this game some lasting appeal. The game does need some improvement such as leagues or leader boards and the ability to trade players with your friends like the “gifts” in other Facebook games would be a great option to add to this game. While the graphics are not very impressive the game play is still good and it is one I can recommend if you like football. Gridiron Live isn't much of a football simulation but it is fun and that is what counts.