Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 Review for Windows PC

Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 Review for Windows PC
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Bookworm Adventures Volume 2: Playing a Word Game Was Never So Entertaining! (4 out of 5)

You don’t have to be a Spelling Bee champion to play Bookworm Adventures Volume 2. All you need is your grade school spell sense to make three or four letter words from a bunch of jumbled letters. But, things won’t be that easy, especially when you have to make words quickly to defeat ol’ fairytale baddies like the Big Bad Wolf and Old MacDonald. These villains will inflict damage to make your anagram-solving skills difficult. Bookworm Adventure’s addictiveness lies in its simple word game-turned-RPG battleground feature.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 screenshot 1

Compared to the very first Bookworm game, solving word games in the Bookworm Adventure series is pretty easy. You don’t have to link adjacent letter tiles to create words; any tile can be used to make shorter or longer words. Players who are already well-versed with Bookworm Adventures may find Bookworm Adventures 2 fair and straight. However, there’s that slight RPGish touch which makes it more fun and entertaining. Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 has potions, treasures and several achievements to unlock. Different boss levels make your spelling skills even more challenging and these aspects truly elevate a simple word game into an engaging title.

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So what’s so unique about Bookworm Adventures 2? Well, it’s the quest-like approach that offers an interesting U-turn to gamers. The game is divided into three worlds: Fractured Fairytales, The Monkey King and Astounding Planet and each world is divided into 10 levels. Player’s will have to use their word-making abilities to help Lex fight against enemies and save storybook characters like Mother Goose. You and your enemy take turns to attack each other. As Lex, you will have to make 3-5 letter words to attack your enemy. Creating longer words inflicts greater damage to your enemies, but this will be challenging because your opponents will try every trick to unscramble alphabet tiles, break or make them unusable. They will also unleash spells that will render your attacks ineffective, even if you spell longer words. To overcome any damages, the game provides numerous power-ups and potions for players. The power-ups are in the form of jewel-shaped alphabets which can be used in words to enhance attacks. You will have to use them at the right time to inflict maximum damage.

There are over 10 famous characters in Bookworm Adventures 2, including the Dish and the Spoon, Tweedle Dum and the Cheshire Cat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Mother Goose and the Big Bad Wolf. Overall, the game is extremely addictive, but requires loads of free time to play through all levels and worlds.

Graphics and Sound (5 out of 5)

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The visuals are charming and have a nice three dimensional paper doll style look. The character animations are pretty humorous. The way Lex attacks his enemies is very cartoon-like and the enemy elimination scenes are equally funny. The innocent humor shown through the visuals will appeal to both children and adults.

The sound effects and music transports you to a fairytale-like atmosphere. The orchestral sounds are wonderful and suitable for a kid’s game like Bookworm Adventures 2. The funny dialogue exchanges between Lex and other characters can get you rollicking with laughter. All in all, the charming visuals and sounds in the game give a refreshing splash to all Bookworm Adventures fans.


Bookworm Adventures 2 is a plain word game with a twist. The tiny bits of RPG elements add more fun and challenge to a simple scrabble-like game like Bookworm Adventures Volume 2. Various unlockable treasures, mini-games and achievements enhance the game’s charm. If you don’t like word games, it won’t charm you, but if you do like scrabble-like games, then be prepared to enjoy many hours of gaming bliss. You can download the free Bookworm Adventures 2 trial version from PopCap to enjoy this unique roleplaying word game.