Helpful Tps for the Kitchen Brigade Game - Basic Time Management Game Play, Handling Customer Types, Using Upgrades, Achieving Expert Scores

Helpful Tps for the Kitchen Brigade Game - Basic Time Management Game Play, Handling Customer Types, Using Upgrades, Achieving Expert Scores
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About the Kitchen Brigade Game

Kitchen Brigade is a time management game that combines customer serving, food preparation and competition. You are a Sous chef who has been invited to participate in the Kitchen Brigade reality TV competition. To find out who is the best at running a restaurant, you will compete with 5 other chefs in several locations. Your goal is to win and receive your own restaurant.

How to Play

Kitchen Brigade screenshot

Each round of the Kitchen Brigade game involves a series of time management tasks. The rounds are timed. Customers arrive at the counter. Click on them to see what food items they want. Ingredients and/or specific cooking instructions will be displayed.

You have three cooking assistants to help you out. Two of them can chop, cut, crack, dice, grate and glaze items. The other assistant can cook items on a stove. Delegate food preparation tasks by clicking on ingredients and placing them on the appropriate food stations. You also have your own station with a stove, grill and chopping board to prepare ingredients.

As your cooking assistants or you finish preparing an item, click on it to go towards the customer’s order. After all cooking tasks are completed for the order the customer receives it, pays and leaves.

To win each round and move forward in the game you will need to achieve a specific amount of points. At the end of the round, points and rating will display. An expert rating will display for superior performance.

Win the game by completing all rounds in several restaurants required by the Kitchen Brigade cooking competition.

Game Tips

  • Most customers’ patience and mood can be improved by giving them cookies. However you are only given five, so use them sparingly.
  • Speed power ups can increase the performance of your assistants temporarily. This special item is only available through certain customers. To get it, you will need to successfully complete the customer order that has the speed up icon.
  • Try to delegate the most difficult food prepping tasks to your assistants. These are cutting, chopping and grating items. The easiest prep work tasks are cracking eggs, slicing bell peppers, mixing ingredients and glazing items.
  • Once an assistant has finished a task, click and drag another item to their station. The completed item will automatically be added to the customer’s order.
  • Food critics have very low patience but will give good tips when served promptly. However, you cannot give them cookies to improve their mood or patience.
  • Your assistants sometimes will not have a grill to cook items. In these cases you will need to do this task yourself.
  • Try to serve the most impatient customer types first. You can see their level of patience by the number of hearts displayed above their heads. These are the Doctor, Actress, Business Woman and Food Critic.
  • The most patient customers are Grammy, Preppy and the Monk. However, the downside is that they are all low tippers.
  • When an assistant is done preparing an item, a thought bubble will appear above their head and say “ready to cook.”
  • The microwave “power up” will cook meat faster. You can purchase this item as an upgrade.
  • Reach expert scores on each round by focusing on the highest tippers (Doctor, Actress, Food Critic). Before completing their order, try to give them a cookie to maximize their tip.

Image Credit

Kitchen Brigade game screenshots taken by Sheila Robinson.