Strategy and Tips for the Around the World in 80 Days Game

Strategy and Tips for the Around the World in 80 Days Game
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About the Around the World in 80 Days Game

This is a match three game that centers on the travels of Phileas Fog and his servant Passepourtout. They seek to complete their journey around the world in 80 days with little to no luggage while collecting items they need along the way. Complete match three game boards to retrieve the needed items and collect postage stamps from each location to mark the success of their accomplishments.

How to Play

Around the World in 80 days game

The Around the World in 80 Days game is full of match three puzzle boards. As Phileas Fog travels to different locations, he will need to pick up certain items. On each board level, match three or more adjacent tiles to score points and move item pieces to the bottom of the screen before time runs out. Power up items become available through matches of four or more tiles. These items can eliminate one to multiple groups of tiles when used.

In between completed levels shows a statistics screen that displays the total tiles, matches, item pieces and bonus score you have earned. Phileas then logs his progress in a journal which can be read at any time.

Win the game after all match three game puzzles have been completed in every area Phileas Fog needs to travel to complete his journey around the world.

Game Hints and Tips

  • The Hammer power up can eliminate a single tile. If the power up is not used and additional matches of 4 or more tiles accumulates, it will upgrade the Hammer into a Tesla’s Hammer that can be used to destroy all tiles of a certain type.
  • If you can get the Money Sack bonus item, you will earn bonus points that will go to your overall score.
  • Clicking on the eye in the upper right hand corner of the screen can pause the game and allow you to view the background scenery of the board you are currently playing.
  • Use the regular Hammer power up to get to hard to reach tiles in single rows or other odd shaped areas.
  • The Time Bonus item can freeze the game time on a level temporarily.
  • For boards with locked and frozen tiles, try to eliminate them as soon as possible by matching them or using the Hammer power up. If locked tiles drop to the bottom it is more difficult to get a matched line. Frozen tiles will spread their ice to other tiles quickly if they are not destroyed right away.
  • There is no reason to try and save up power ups since they cannot be carried over to other levels.
  • On more difficult levels, focus on matching lines of four or more to continuously recharge the power up bar for use of the special items.
  • Every time you earn 100,000 points you gain a bonus life. Finishing levels quickly will score you higher points in your overall bonus score.
  • In levels where you need to reveal the stamp image, every tile must be removed by matches or use of power up items.
  • Fireball power ups can be used to drive an item out of long and narrow parts of odd shaped game boards.

Around the World in 80 days screenshot

Image Credit

Image screenshots of the Around the World in 80 Days game were taken by Sheila Robinson.