Quick Tips and Hints for Succeeding at Magic Match

Quick Tips and Hints for Succeeding at Magic Match
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About Magic Match

In the land of Arcane you play a wizard in training. Explore mystical places to solve match three game puzzles, learn magic spells and move up in rank. Your imp friend Giggles helps guide you on your journey by providing advice and support.

How to Play

Magic Match screenshot

In each level, mystical looking items like jewels and runes are displayed on a game board grid. A scroll lists the number of specific items you need to match in order to complete the level. Time is limited and measured by the spell potion bar displayed on the right side of the screen.

To meet your goal, match three or more like items by clicking and dragging your mouse over them in adjacent directions on the board. As chain matches are successfully created, the number of items listed on the scroll decrease. If matches are created on blue tiles, additional spell potion is added to your overall time.

To help you out, magic spells are available. However, depending on your level of skill you will only have a specific amount of spell points that can be used during each level. Early in the game, you will have a Reshuffle spell, which can mix all of the items on the board. This is useful when no matches can be created.

At the end of each completed level, your overall score is displayed along with your current rank. In the beginning of the game you are ranked as an Initiate, but you will move up when enough points have been earned.

Bonus Levels

Occasionally in Magic Match you will get the opportunity to play a bonus level. These are mazes filled with jewels. Your goal is to collect all of the jewels in the maze in a specific amount of time while avoiding running into enemies. If you are familiar with “Pac-Man”, keep that type of game play in mind as you move through the maze to get the maximum amount of bonus points.

Hints and Tips

  • Chain matches can be created in multiple directions. You are not limited to only straight horizontal and vertical lines. “L” and box shaped matches are some good options.
  • When you cast the Swap Spell it will allow you to move a single item on the board to an adjacent location. This is useful when you are having difficulty making a successful match.
  • Chain matches with five or more like items will result in an explosion at its tail end. This will destroy all items adjacent to the chain.
  • Pixies will award you with bonus power ups as you move up in rank.
  • Cast a spell by clicking on the appropriate spell book icon at the bottom of the game board screen.
  • If you don’t create any matches for a while, the spell potion timer will begin to drop faster. Increase it by trying to create matches of any type of item, even if it doesn’t fulfill your any requirement listed on the scroll.
  • Treasure items like gold coins can be earned when chain matches of six or more items are created.
  • Wooden blocks obstruct your path on the gaming board and cannot be moved directly. To get rid of them, create a chain match adjacent to its location.
  • The Purify power up can clear the board from wooden blocks or frozen items.

Image Credit

Magic Match screenshots were created by Sheila Robinson.