Parking Dash Game Hints and Tips

Parking Dash Game Hints and Tips
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About Parking Dash

Parking Dash is a spin off game inspired by the Diner Dash series. Karma has inherited an empty lot from her Uncle Henry. Inspired by Flo, she decides to turn the space into a parking lot. It is a time management style game that requires you to juggle multiple tasks, while trying to earn as much money as you can in each level.

Basic Game Play

Parking Dash screenshot

To play the game, Karma will park cars for customers that arrive at her lot. Each level is timed with a goal of a specific amount of points that you will need to earn in order to move forward in the game.

As customers arrive, click on them to bring up their car. Move the car by clicking on it to go inside and start the engine. Point the mouse to an available parking spot and click on it. The customer car will then be parked into the spot. When customers come back to pick up their car, click on them to identify which one is theirs. The car can then be moved to the exit location for the customer to pick up.

In between most levels, a choice of three upgrades will become available. These include items that can help increase tips, customer patience, improve the parking lot appearance or upgrade Karma’s performance speed.

You win Parking Dash after successful completion of all the levels in each of the five locations in the game.

Game Tips

  • Consistent with other Diner Dash games, you can get color match bonuses for placing cars with the matching colors in a spot multiple times. Each successful color match increases the bonus by a multiple of one (1X, 2X, 3X etc).
  • Each customer will want to park their cars for different amounts of time. The clock icon above their head gives you an idea of how long the car will be sitting on the lot.
  • The Celebrity character arrives in a limousine that requires two spaces to park. They are generally impatient customers, but they tip well when serviced quickly.
  • For customers who will be parking their car for longer periods of time, try to place them in the back rows of the lot. Alternatively, customers with shorter waiting times should be parked at the end of the row closest to you.
  • When multiple customers arrive to pick up their cars, click on each customer to see where their vehicle is located. For faster delivery, try to choose the ones that are on the end of the rows closest to you first.
  • Cleaning cars will earn extra bonus points. However, in some levels this may be a mandatory task you need to complete.
  • Business Women are extremely impatient customers. Try to help them first to avoid them leaving the lot upset (which results in a loss of money and points).
  • The Cell Phone Guys and their sports cars are both noisy. You will need to click on their car whenever their alarm goes off so other customers will not get agitated.
  • Changing the radio station when it flashes will give Karma a temporary burst of speed.
  • The Parking Elevator will allow you to stack two cars in the same spot. However, this will not work with limousines or Hummers.
  • To improve customer patience, give them donuts so they will be willing to wait a bit longer (and avoid loss of points and money).
  • Sometimes a customer will arrive to pick up their car and it is located in the back. As long as the lot is not completely full, you can move the car(s) blocking it into another location so you can move it out for the customer.

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