Jane's Hotel Mania - Hints and Tips

Jane's Hotel Mania - Hints and Tips
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About Jane’s Hotel Mania

Jane owns several hotels around the world. She has asked her niece Jennifer to help her out during the summer. It is a time management game where players will try and build up Jennifer’s reputation to help her become a hotel magnate.

Game Play

Janes Hotel Mania screenshot

In each hotel, there are several levels to play. Each one requires earning a specific amount of points and serving a set number of customers. As customers arrive, Jennifer will need to take them to an available hotel room. Do this by clicking on the customer and then dragging them to the appropriate room. Jennifer also performs other tasks for customers including bringing drinks, newspaper, phone messages and food.

To help Jennifer, there is a maid and porter that will do some of the tasks that are needed to be completed. The maid will clean up rooms and water flowers. The porter will repair items, set up chess boards and start up a fire in the fireplace. Delegate these tasks by clicking on the worker’s icon and then the task you would like them to complete.

When a customer is ready to leave, they will walk over to the cash register to pay. Click on the register to collect money from the customer.

Each level continues until the game “closes” the hotel rooms. If you have completed the level’s goals, you can move forward to the next level. Otherwise, the level will need to be repeated.

In between levels upgrades can be purchased to improve the hotel and increase the customer’s happiness. Skills can also be purchased for Jennifer, the maid and the porter. You can purchase these skills with points earned during game play.

Hints and Tips

  • Hotel rooms are upgraded over time. When a wrench icon appears in front of the door, this indicates that the room can be upgraded. Click on the porter and click on the room to do the work.
  • Upgrade the skills for the maid, porter and Jennifer as soon as you have points available. The better their skills are, the easier it is to get expert scores.
  • Customers may have room preferences. Always try to fulfill this request, since it boosts “loyalty” points that result in higher tips. If a customer is placed in a room they don’t like, you will lose “loyalty” points and receive less tips. However, it is better to place a customer in a room they don’t like then not giving them a room at all.
  • Always keep the maid and porter busy with tasks. The faster tasks are completed, the more points/tips you will earn.
  • There are occasional bonus levels where you will need to find and remove items to clean up a room. These are short timed levels that will earn you extra points that can be used for purchasing items for the hotel.
  • Jennifer can hold two items at once. Try to chain actions of the same type to earn bonus points and tips.

*Screenshot images for the Jane’s Hotel Mania article were created by Sheila Robinson.