Guide To Free MMOs For Kids: Ages 16 and Up!

Guide To Free MMOs For Kids: Ages 16 and Up!
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Guide Objectives

This is the third and final part of a three-part guide to Free MMOs For Kids, and in this one the focus will be on kids that are sixteen and up. The purpose of all three guides is to inform gamers, parents and their kids as to what online RPG games they can play for free- a major plus when it comes to the monthly fees that gamers (or their parents) must pay in order to have access to many MMOs.

Play the games as family- it can be an exciting change from the traditional board games on family night. As with all three age groups in these guides, there is no age limit when it comes to gaming, so please feel free to check out part one (ages 6 to “tween”) and part two (ages “tween” to 15) in this comprehensive guide to free MMOs for kids. Bookmark it too- new games and updates will continuously be added!

Safety Features

The guides include information about the safety features of each game. However, the older the age group the less safety features the games will have, so you may notice far less details about the safety features in this third part of the Guide in comparison with the other two. Parents who wish to have tighter guards on their kids online interaction can check out the first two guides- as I mentioned before, many of the games in these guides can be enjoyed be people of all ages. But we are talking about teenagers here, so don’t be surprised if they find it patronizing if you suggest they play Wizard 101.

As I’ve also mentioned in the previous two guides, the creators of these games can make all the effort in the world to try and have their games be a safe place for kids, where they don’t have to worry about online predators and vulgar behavior. But the reality is that our kids (and the predators) can fnd ways around safety guards. Therefore, it is highly recommended that parents monitor the online activity of their kids, no matter what their age. Parent should also try to talk to their kids about protecting themselves when online. That being said, here is how the safety features are rated:

  • Loaded- the game has implemented the highest standards of online gameplay safety.

  • Mediocre- the game has some safety features but they are not necessarily very effective.

  • Dismal- the game is a free-for-all in regards to online interaction. Vulgar and offensive language/behavior may be seen.

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Guild Wars

Guild Wars is the award-winning fantasy MMO that is played by thousands of gamers across the globe!

Screen shot 2009-09-28 at 8.55.22 PM

Safety Features: Dismal

There are no safety features in Guild Wars. I have seen plenty of vulgar chatting and players who do their best to make their characters do obscene actions. Although, real-world behavior amongst teens certainly includes plenty of this kind of behavior and everyone will be exposed to it in their lifetime- there’s no getting around that. This of course, has nothing to do with predators though. Parents and gamers alike, you’ve been warned.

Screen shot 2009-09-28 at 8.56.15 PM

Guild Wars Gameplay

Creating your character in Guild Wars is pretty cool- you have a decent amount of options, especially for a free MMO. Oh, and about it being free- Guild Wars is considered a free MMO because there is no charge to play it online. However, initially you do have to buy the game for a nominal amount. In terms of what Guild Wars has to offer in graphics, quests, missions, guilds, etc. it is definitely worth the price. It is visually pleasing and there is plenty to do to keep players interested- plus there are expansions packs to make the world even bigger. Level-grind or go on lengthy quests to scale back the evil Charr forces. Throw a party in your guild hall. You will train up in a lush, green world before the the Charr take over and make the landscape bleak.

You can also try Guild Wars for free with a 14-day trial- just visit their website to install the trial version.

  • For more information about Guild Wars and to start playing today, click here.


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BiteFight is a text-based, browser-based vampire and werewolf themed MMO that is perfect for beginning gamers, Mac users, or owners older computers.

Safety Features: Dismal

There really aren’t any safety features on BiteFight, but because it is a text-based MMO the interaction between players is more limited.

BiteFight Gameplay

Screen shot 2009-09-28 at 8.51.29 PM

The gameplay in BiteFight is pretty simple- as it is with most text-based MMOs. You choose to become a vampire or a werewolf, your character name, and you will be given an avatar that you can change for a price. Join a clan in FightBite by making a buddy request, or invite your friends and start your own clan. You will need to go on quests and fight other vampires and werewolves (other players) in order to earn gold, experience and blood. You can view the stats of other players before choosing to attack them. To keep playing the game for free you will be limited to how often you can attack other players or go on hunts. The game has a pretty cool feature where you can go to the city and visit different places that offer things for you to use in the game. For example, you can go to the church to heal your character or you can work in the graveyard for an hour (literally) and earn gold and experience. In the city you can also buy things like weapons and potions. I’ll admit, when it comes to free text-based, browser-based MMOs I can get bored pretty quick, but BiteFight has a little more to offer and is a pretty fun play- maybe even for hardcore gamers who just want to play something light and easy for a change of pace.

  • For more information on BiteFight and to get started playing today, click here.

Dungeons and Dragons Onine: Eberron Unlimited

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited (DDO) is now a free MMO for fans of the cult-classic board and online game, and for gamers who love to be sword-wielding, monster-slaying warriors!

Screen shot 2009-09-29 at 7.21.49 PM

Safety Features: Dismal

There really are no safety features with DDO, however they have an extensive code of conduct that they expect their players to abide by. All chats are recorded and players should be aware that conversations may be reviewed at any time. Inappropriate behavior may cause a player to receive a warning or they may even be banned from the game, depending on the infraction.

Screen shot 2009-09-29 at 7.22.52 PM

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Gameplay

Screen shot 2009-09-29 at 7.20.28 PM

Dungeons and Dragons Online is the dark and dank world full of ghouls, monsters, dragons and plenty more scary beasts to send shivers up your spine- but you better toughen up quick because you never know what’s lurking around the next corner. DDO allows players to jump into the massive 3-D world of Eberron and cause some serious carnage to the creatures of the underworld! The action is plentiful- go on quests, start some beef with another player in PvP, take on mind-busting puzzles. Join a group or a guild and go on raids and come back with some major goods for your inventory! The bloodshed and gore never stop, that is unless you take a break and head over to Stormreach- DDOs safe zone from all the hell being unleashed. Kick off your boots and go to a dance party. Join fellow warriors for a drink in a local tavern- but beware there, brawls have been known to start there and you just may find your break from the action short-lived.

  • For more information on Dungeons and Dragons Online and to get started playing today, click here.


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Imperion is a browser-based and text-based free MMO for Sc-Fi lovers! The game also has some of the best graphics for a browser-based game! Gather the proper resources- secure your planets future!

Safety Features: Dismal

There are no safety features, but like most text-based MMOs online interaction isn’t as involved as it is in games that encourage it more through things like guilds and group raids.

Imperion Gameplay

The gamplay in Imperion does require some strategy and is therefore a little more challenging than other browser-based MMOs.

You will need to build up a fleet so that your people stand the best chance to have control over the galaxy! The basis of this game is to create a sustainable civilization by gathering resources, researching different areas of expertise to help you advance, and building up your defenses for impending battles. You can instantly travel to different star systems to search for more resources. Accept quests to earn gold and experience. Be sure to form an alliance with other players to give your fleet more muscle and soon your race will dominate!

  • For more information on Imperion and to get started playing today, click here.

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The Guide Keeps Growing!

This is the Guide that just keeps on giving, so be sure to keep checking back to discover new games, new tips for these games, and game updates.

Remember that gaming is not only super fun, but has its benefits when games are played responsibly. Maybe you are a parent who is already into gaming, or a parent who wants to understand and be more involved in what your kids are into. Maybe you are a gamer and are looking for different games that you can play for free. Whatever the case may be, this is the ultimate directory for your free, online gaming experience.

Role-playing games are a great way for anyone to escape reality and become a mighty hero, especially the MMOs. The games don’t need to be something that your kids do with only their peers. Try joining a guild with your kids, play in two separate rooms, and watch how much fun you can have! I’ll be playing these games too, so I’d love to hear the thoughts from any of you who try these games. Now get out there and slay those nasty monsters!