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Ghostbusters Basic Spirit Guide: Class 3 and 4

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

In the first part of this series, we went through the main different types of ghosts in classes 1 and 2 that you'll come up against in Ghostbusters for the Playstation 2. This part will go through classes 3 and 4 and tell you exactly how to beat them.

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    Entities in Classes 3 and 4

    ghostbusters box There are tons of different ghosts in Ghostbusters the video game and some are not particular to the movie. So, here is a brief run down of the ghosts that you'll come up against in classes 3 and 4 as well as how to beat them:

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    Black Slime Spawn

    These class 4 ghosts are also negatively charged and normally come from larger bodies of residue that you'll find around other black slime entities. They will act to protect their slime source and you'll have to use your Slime Blower or Mine to get rid of them.

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    Book Bats

    Class 3 mobs that only have a flying ram to worry about. These are easily taken down with a shock blaster.

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    Book Centurions

    These are class 4 ghosts that are again a mass of smaller ghosts and objects, normally books in the library, that you simply have to tear apart with your Blast Stream as you avoid the hurling books that they'll lob your way.

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    Chef Ghosts

    Class 3 manifestations that are normally in the Sedgewick Hotel in the game and have normal attacks as well as throwing utensils at you. Simply use your Blast Stream, throw out a trap and you're done.

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    Egyptian Mannequins

    These class 4 ghosts enter objects and move them around, especially if they have arms and legs like statues do in museums. You can easily use your Blast Stream against them or use a Shock Blast and be done with them.

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    Electronic Wisps

    A class 4 ghost that has a flying ram ability that you'll need to watch for. You can easily vaporize these with a stream from your gun, or you can toss out a Boson Dart to get a bunch at once.

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    Flaming Skulls

    These are class 4 events that look worse than they really are. They can move objects around and toss them at you. But, just use your Shock Blast and they are done.

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    Hound Demons

    These class 4 demons are actually demons and not ghosts, so they actually came from another dimention and into our world. They are mean and nasty, so make sure that you use your Shock Blasts and Boson Darts to get them down fast before they get to you.

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    Library Phantasms

    These class 4 ghosts are basically free roaming floating manifestations. You'll remember these from the movie, the old gray lady that was floating in the library. These can easily start chunking books at you whenever they are aggroed, but you can take them down with your Blast Stream or a Shock Blast.

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    Mannequin Wisps

    These class 4 ghosts have a flying ram but are easily taken down with a shock blast especially since they like to attack in groups.

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    Marshmallow Hoppers

    Class 3 ghosts that are really easy to get rid of, but watch out for their suicide charge. If you make sure to melt these guys right away with your stream, then you don't have to worry about them de-animating when they touch humans.

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    Mayan Mannequins

    These class 4 ghosts are those that enter objects and move them around, as if they were alive. Normally these are the ghosts that will go into objects that have items like arms and legs (i.e. statues) that can be used. You can easily blast them with your Blast Stream or Shock Black and be done with them - until the ghosts comes out.

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    Possessed Objects

    Class 3 events that are basically the same as the animated objects, just a bit weaker.

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    Spider Scuttlers

    These Class 4 ghosts are more like mimics that come in an animal form. They normally take on the traits of the animal that they are mimicing. You really just have to use a Shock Blast on them and they are easy to get rid of.

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    Wayward Possessors

    These class 4 torso ghosts float around and physically move objects around since they can't move them any other way. The problem with these is that they are really dangerous as they can possess you or your team. So, you need to use the Slime Blower if this happens to a person to get the ghost out, then use your Blast Stream to take care of them.

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    The Next Level...

    In the next part of this series, we'll go through the class 5 and 6 ghosts in the game. The next two classes are the ones that you'll find toward the middle and higher areas of the game. There is one other higher class and boss ghosts which we'll cover in the last part of this ghostbuster's spirit guide.