Ghostbusters: The Video Game WalkThrough - The Return to The Hotel Sedgewick:

Ghostbusters: The Video Game WalkThrough - The Return to The Hotel Sedgewick:
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When you make your way back into the hotel, you will find that the ever so charming Mr. Peck has closed down the facility. Starting to get suspicious of him yet? There is a brief debate about the applicability of the “Do Not Enter. This means you, Ghostbusters” sign. Once that’s over, you break in anyway.

Nobody Here but Us Chickens

As you walk into the lobby you will discover a bunch of ghosts walking around. Sadly, you will never get the chance to bust any of them. They are only shadows of ghosts, if that makes any sense to you then you are one step ahead of this author. Head for the staircase. You are not going to get to use it, but you will trigger a very lady like scream.

Screaming Beauty

Just kidding! That scream was the manager. If you always suspected something was off about him, now you have proof. “Rescue him from his own wimpiness and you will be treated to a less harmless vision”. An eerie looking woman in a black and red outfit ala the 1920’s. Apparently, the manager can make himself of some use, by filling you in on the “horrible things” that she did with gentlemen on the 12th floor. This charmer is known as the Spider Witch, and she is your problem Du Jour. Of course you still have your immediate problem to deal with, busted stairs and no power for the elevators.

Backup Plans

Once again that sniveling coward in a tuxedo comes in handy. Turns out there is an emergency generator near the kitchens that you can use to get the lifts working again. It is in the kitchen area. There is only one path to follow so just keep on walking the wall until you find a door. Of course it is surrounded by water which presents a problem when the power is back on that water becomes a quality conductor. Find the power wire and slime tether it out of the water. Then head back to the elevators. You will have to bust a Chef ghost thanks to Winstons big mouth. Finally, Ray gets a second off! Use the same tactic here as you did for the Opera ghosts and it will go quickly.

Going Up

Split up (why do they always do that?) and go with Egon to floor 12. Just keep following him until you reach the first crawler. Keep heading forward killing them and ignoring the disembodied voice until you trigger a cut scene. These pods were once her dates. If this is not exactly your dream girl move on to kill her. Once that is over, follow Egon again. When he tells you to look for 1221 and slap on your PKE meter and you will see the purple door.

Spider Goes Squish Now

This can be an annoying battle, but not because it is at all hard to find her. Just keep walking and she will find you. The annoying part is that when you drain her health she will run away and heal. You may think this is a wait it out and wear it down scenario, but it is not. You have to track her down and it will not be easy. She is hiding on the ceiling. You are going to have to Bosen dart her off to keep her from feeding on her storage men. After about 5 rounds she will go down for the count.

Screem Shots