A Ghostbusters Walkthrough of Central Park Cemetery

A Ghostbusters Walkthrough of Central Park Cemetery
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Walter Peck, skeptic, jerk and all around man that just can’t be taught, makes another appearance, only now, he was gone from irritating to evil. That is right, once again Peck has shut down your containment grid. The truly evil part is that he has also taken it upon himself to kidnap Alyssia. Yup, definetely evil this time, all the more reason to shoot him. Just bear in mind that before you head to Ecto-1 you need to do anything else you wanted in the Firehouse, because this is your last visit. If you haven’t slid down the poll yet, definitely at least give that a try. Then let’s suit up and head out.

Cemetry Gates

As you have probably noticed by now, Central Park has been charged into a giant cemetery. Since the gates are locked, someone has to let Ecto-1 in. Guess who gets to do that, Rookie. Peter helps you climb the fence, and whines a bit. Your job is to open the gate and let the guys rest while you find them a way into the cemetery. This level is a maze so unless you want to explore every nook and cranny of the level (a time consuming task) follow these directions carefully. Keep left and pass 3 street lamps (lantern style) then make a hard right. Eventually you will come to a rusted gate and a moseleum. Cut left between these and stay right. When you pass a large tree make another left. Note that big, evil looking glowing tower in the background. You will pass through a gate with lamps on each side. A church bell will start to ring by itself. Make your way to the far right hand corner of this level with your PKE meter equipped to find the target crypt. You will know that you have the right one when you get attacked by flying skulls. Dodge them and proceed into the crypt.

In The Crypt

The first thing that you will notice is black slime. Use your slime blower to neutralize this and move on. When you come to a place where your path is blocked by vines, Boson dart them and move on. Continue like this until you think that you have hit a dead end. Then look left, see the path and continue on your way. Now, you will come upon the gate controls. About time isn’t it?

Gate Controls

This one is pretty simple. Use your slime tethers to pull down the weight in the center of the controls. Two or three should do it. Once the guys get through, you will be paired up with Ray again. Nothing quite like a loadstone to brighten your day. At least it’s not Peter.

Big Things On The Horizon

Follow Ray forward. Note the big thing walking by you in the background. He’ll be a fun playmate later. When you’re stuck, look for another crypt. Eventually this relatively straight path will loop you back by the church. Your only reward for going in this circle is a new round of enemies. Kill them off and head to the far right. You may notice some grave stones are blocking your way. Your luck really couldn’t get much worse then it is about to, so go ahead and get them out of the way.

Taking Point

Here is a mini boss fight. Kill him, and close the portals. Killing him is simply a matter of wearing him down until he dies. The best way to do this is with your newest toy, but buy the frequency upgrade, or by using enhanced Boseo Darts. At this point in the game, if you haven’t upgraded, you may as well get it over with. There isn’t much else that you can do with the cash anyway. It won’t impress Alyssia away from Venkmen. Don’t worry about getting lost. Do what you have to do and you can follow Ray to the next crypt. Follow it to the outside.

When Ray lets you lead again make your first right. When you encounter skull gates turn left, it’s your only choice anyway. Straight ahead is a gate with two circular heads. Finally an open gate! Well, maybe not. As you get close a cult member steals one of these head keys. Now, you get to play fetch. Follow the cult member, and take care of him. Sadly, he won’t have the key on him. Keep going until you reach a “T” shaped intersection. Head left, kill the other fiends and get the key. It’s too heavy to pick up so slime tether it straight down the path and to the gate. Before you can make it you will have to kill a big grave monster. Wear him down and eventually he will die. Get the key to the gate and it will open.

Airborn Enemies

Stay right, then follow the cobblestone path until you see a large tree. When you get to the tree Kamakazi coffins will attack you. Kill the fiends that spawn from them and the summoner who was thrown in for good measure. Once the mess is cleaned up take the stairs on your right. A golem will appear. Kill him and his fiends, then move forward. A second golem will knock down the gate. Kill him and progress through the convienant opening.

Another Gate!

You will see the guys again, but they are still stuck behind a gate. This time the fix is simple. Find the big pile of skulls on your right and blast it. It should only take a few shots.

The Stone Angels

Head straight down into the tunnel, cleaning out any enemies, and make a left. Kill the spawning hoards and move above ground. More enemies when you hit the surface. Head to the gate with the three glowing skulls to trigger a long chat and an attack. There are two ways to do this, but this way is much quicker:

While the guys are talking, back up, so that your back is against the far wall. When the stone angels attack look to the left. Now slime tether them into the gate. This will minimize your damage taken, and maximize your shots at the gate.

The Second To Last Gate

No mazes here, just tether the gate to the car with your slime and Winston will pull it open.

The Last Gate and Stone Statues

Wait through the cut scene and bust both the cultists and then the giant statues. Kill them the same way you would a grave golem and then insert the keys. A long cut scenes ensues and you get to see Shandor’s destructor form.

Destructor Form

Well, not exactly yet. First you have to get through his green shield. To do this Boson Dart your way through each crystal when it opens. If you do not want to wait it out you can open them artificially with your slime tethers. Then grab Shandor with a capture stream and get pulled into the portal.

Now you get to see the destructor form, and play a game of hide and seek with him. Boson Dart him then he will appear behind another wall (or in the center) and you get to hit him again. Just keep doing this, and you will eventually wear him down. When you trigger the cut scene it will be over. Well, it’s a long cut scene, but you don’t have anymore shots to fire. Go enjoy the bonus materials!

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