A Walkthough of The Times Square Area of Ghostbusters for PC

A Walkthough of The Times Square Area of Ghostbusters for PC
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A brief cut scene will trigger and you will be treated to a familiar sight. That’s right, Mr. Stay Puft is back, and he’s terrorizing Manhattan. You will also learn about a cool new upgrade to Ecto-1 - it’s a super trap and you need it for this super sized baddie. Don’t worry you will get a chance to test it out. Once Stay Puft puts a caddy in your path, he will summon both standard specters and mini marshmellow ghosts to keep you busy. Deal with two waves of flying specters, six in all using the new super trap. Of course, you will have to contend with your gooey friends all along.

Gargoyles Ho!

Keep heading forward and eventually you will trigger something new. Gargoyles perched on a building behind you will come to life. (Think back to the 1st movie). Turn around and get ready to face them. If you go at it like you would any other ghost, the results will be less than stunning. If, however, you grab one with your stream and stem it into something solid they will crumble like crackers. Bear in mind that solid means really solid, like a building or the street. Cars will not work, and trying it with Ecto-1 is not recommended. Funny, but not recommended. You will also have some construction worker ghosts to contend with while you smash stone, so balance your attention.

The Long Walk

Now your job is simple - escort Ecto-1 to the big guy. Oh wait, your path is blocked! You and Winston head into the Laundromat to find a way through. Getting through the Laundromat is mostly simple, you just have to find the right path between the moving washing machines. Before you leave, take the water fountain to find a room with a possessed lunch box. Grab it for some extra cash.

Once you are outside a cut scene will trigger, you will have your attention drawn to a gas tanker stuck in the marshmallow. (It is best not to ask where the driver is, or why a Hazmat labeled vehicle is in Times Square). You will be introduced to the Bozon Dart and the fun ensues. Blow up the tanker for a big bang and an unblocked path.

Get to the theater, and after a little bit of editorializing you will get the chance to use your Bozon’s again. This time on the fat ladies of the Opera. Once you trap a far more Gargoyles and ghosts will appear to aid them. So settle into the routine and remember to smash your Gargoyles. Eventually Stay Puft will catch up and you will realize that he is after something in the building. He can’t have it, and it’s your job to stop him.

Ecto-1 needs repairs so you have to distract Mr. Stay Puft . Fire off your Bozon’s to slow him down. Don’t worry, you won’t be able to kill him yet. Slowing him is all you are supposed to do. Be on the lookout for minis and the occasional giant white marshmellow foot coming down to crush you from above. When you see the foot go backwards, not forwards. The survival rate is much higher this way since Stay Puft tries to crush you with his heel. This goes on for awhile, but you will know the end is near when the minis double in number. Take them out and enter the building of interest.

In The Building

Here the path will be very straight forward. Just follow your PKE meter’s spikes. Only the doors you need to go through will open. Good news for you if you didn’t want to get lost, bad news if you wanted a fully explorable environment. You will be fighting with marshmellow minis pretty much the whole way.

Eventually you will meet up with Alyssia. You may recall this charming lady from the Hotel earlier. She is what Stay Puft wants. The cut scene informs you that up is the only way to go. Follow the path towards the roof.

Up and Up

Now Mr. Stay Puft will be ready to climb the building. Apparently marshmellow gets a lot of traction. Now, you get to kill him. Bozon dart the puff to knock him down a few times. Eventually Ecto-1 will be in position below you and you can make a team effort to take him out. Procedure and timing vary from attempt to attempt, and based on your position, so listen to your team mates and vent your pack often. Once Mr. Stay Puft is dead the mission is over. Congratulations - your second mission is an success.

General Tips for The Level

Here are some general tips to help you out:

  • Stay with your partner (He can be easy to lose) and follow directions, rookie! The pros will never steer you wrong.
  • When in doubt kill the Gargoyles first. They are often the easiest and it reduces your total damage taken if they are killed early.
  • Do not leave one enemy half killed and start on another. Unfinished kills will come back to haunt you. (Pardon the pun).
  • Revive your team mates when they fall. It’s quick, easy and saves you a whole lot of work.
  • Do not throw Gargoyles into the super trap on Ecto-1. It is just pointless.

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