How to Kill Floaters, Slime Scuttlers, Civil War and Cult Ghosts, Gargoyles and Remove Black Slime in Ghostbusters for the PS2

Higher Class Ghosts

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These higher class ghosts can pack a punch, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t beat them. In this part of the series on the Ghostbusters Spirit Guide, we’ll go through what each class 5 and 6 ghost is and how to defeat them. Also, we’ll tell you about some of the attacks and other things that you need to watch out for when fighting these mobs.

Animated Objects

Class 5 events that happen when ghosts are around. These mainly just ram into you, which you have to watch out for. You can easily blast them with your stream when needed and get rid of them fast. You might actually find these in any area of the game, so watch for these guys.

Black Slime Elementals

This class 6 negatively charged ghost is another nasty customer. You again have to use your Slime Blower to remove their protective, and nasty, coating, then work away with your Blast Stream to get them completely down.

Black Slime Floaters

These class 5 negatively charged ghosts love to draw the energy out of any black slime that they can find. They have several different abilities that they can use, so you will have to use the Slime Blower to get the black slime off of them and then break out your Blast Stream to finish the job.

Black Slime Scuttlers

These are class 5 manifestations that are negatively charged. So, you need to watch for these guys. They have several abilities, such as spitting, coating, and the basic melee attacks. So, you want to make sure that you use the Slime Blower to get the slime off so that you can blast them. But, beware, they get really pissed when you take the slime coating off of them.

Civil War Ghosts

These are class 5 ghosts that you can’t really beat that easily with normal weapons. Instead, these are ghosts that never really had the war end for them. So, you have to find out what it is that they are looking for, such as a flag or object, then remove it and they will go away.

Cult Ghosts

These class 6 ghosts are those that were occult followers in another life that became tied to this lifestyle, even after death. Simply use your Slime Blower to remove the slime that coats them, then the Blast Stream to take them down. But, be careful, they aren’t that nice once you take the slime off of them.


Class 6 ghosts that can pack a punch if you aren’t watching with melee attacks and fireballs. These also have a stone skin so you have to make sure that you have a lot of darts on you to reduce these guys back to the rocks they came from.


These class 6 ghosts used to be gravediggers in their previous lives and now haunt the grounds that they use to be in charge of. While they do have the normal melee attack, they also have a Rage-fueled slimey orb thing that they’ll lob at you, so you have to watch out for this. If they touch you, or the orbs hit you, you’re done for. So make sure that you know how to use that Blast Stream and take them down quickly.

Grave Scuttlers

Class 6 events, these are basically when a ghost gives eyes and mouths to objects that never had them before. These can bite and explode, and have a stone skin like gargoyles. You do need to watch out for them, as they can easily drain your life, and they do explode when you blast them. So, you can hold them with a stasis beam then get to a safe distance and throw some Boson darts at them.

Imp Demons

Another type of demon, these class 6 demons are stronger than the hounds and will do a lot more damage. These are hard to take down and you have to really work at it with your team. You have to make sure you watch out for the fireballs that they’ll throw at you, as they can easily overheat your proton pack instantly. So, try using the Stasis Stream on them, get them down close to you, and then, Shock Blast the heck out of them.

Malevolent Echoes

These are class 5 echoes that are mostly imprints of past trauma, but these can become more solid and hence become dangerous to you. So, you simply have to keep an eye on them and swipe them with your Blast Stream if you need to.

Marshmallow Minions

Class 5 minions of the marshmallow man, these are funny ghosts that can get you if you aren’t paying attention with their bite or marshmallow launch. Simply smack these with your stream or a dart and they are done for.

Psychokinetic Manipulation Event: Museum

These are a bit more powerful problems that you’ll come across. These events are just manifestations that have the ability to levitate things and seem to make them come to life. Storage rooms and other closets are a prime target for these manifestations, as there are tons of objects for them to use in there. Just blast them with your stream and they are gone.

Snot Hag

Yeah, not a nice name, but these class 5 floating ghosts are just a blob of energy that focuses on moving objects and other things around all the while leaving a snot trail. You can easily see them due to the snot trail that they leave, and you’ll just need to use your Blast Stream to get these while they are in range.

Spider Witch

This is a class 6 floating ghost that is basically easy cheese to kill. Simply whack her with some Blast streams and she’ll be done for.

Stone Cherubs

Class 6 events, these are ghosts that bring stone objects to life and move them around the area. They have stone skin, so you have to use your Boson Darts against them and you’ll have to make sure that you aim good or you’ll easily miss these guys.

Stone Elementals

These class 6 object ghosts are normally chunks of rock or stone that have been bonded together with slime or some other form of ghostly energy and move about freely. These are some of the toughest ghosts in the game, and you have to really be careful with them. Use your Blast Stream and get them down fast, as you have to tear them apart before you can kill them. **NOTE: There are several other types of elementals in the game, such as the Slime Lab Elemental. You’ll fight them all the same way, and they are all the same class.

The Last Part

The last part of this series and Spirit Guide will take you through the class 7 and boss ghosts that you’ll come up against in the Ghostbusters video game for the Playstation 2 and how to defeat them. Good luck.