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Guitar Hero World Tour Secret Codes

by: Regina Woodard ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Increase your fun of playing Guitar Hero World Tour and raise your game play to another level of enjoyment and entertainment by using the codes and unlockable characters to get the most out of the game.

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    Guitar Hero World Tour Secret Codes Released in October of 2008, Guitar Hero World Tour (also known as Guitar Hero IV) is the fourth in the Guitar Hero series of music games for both Playstation 2 and 3, the XBOX 360, and the Nintendo Wii. It was the first GH to offer the addition of a drum and microphone parts (in order to compete with the newly released Rock Band), as well as the ability for users to create their own musical scores. THe game features music by Nirvana, System of a Down, Michael Jackson, and more.

    Here, we'll take a look at some of the Guitar Hero World Tour secret codes, how to enter them, as well as some unlockable characters from the game.

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    GHWT Secret Codes

    Guitar Hero World Tour secret codes allow for certain conditions to happen during gameplay. These cheats are usually in place to not only enhance the game, but give some challenges to the player or players. To enable cheat mode - that is, to enter in cheats for that session - on the main menu of the game, got to OPTIONS, then CHEATS. When prompted to enter a new cheat, enter one of the following.

    Performance Mode - performance mode is the ultimate act of not only knowing a song, but knowing the vocals, kicks, and rhythms. This takes away all on screen notes and lyrics, allowing players to see how well they know a song. The code for this is YELLOW YELLOW BLUE RED BLUE GREEN RED RED.

    Auto Kick - for drummers who find trying to maintain playing and using the bass pedal an ordeal, especially on harder songs. This secret code allows for the kick to be done automatically, however it also disables gaining any money, so this is best used when just wanting to play songs. The code for this is YELLOW GREEN RED BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE RED

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    Unlockable Characters

    Unlocking characters within GHWT is easily done, usually by playing and finishing a song noted by eiher the artist or their band. OnceGuitar Hero World Tour Secret Codes  you have met the conditions, you must purchase the character at the "Select Your Rocker" screen with your available money to use the character in the game.

    Play the game Zakk Wylde (of Black Label Society) - beat the Zakk Wylde Guitar Duel in the Guitar Career mode

    Ted Nugent - beat the Ted Nugent Guitar Duel in the Guitar Career mode

    Sting - finish the song "Demolition Man" in Bass Career mode

    Travis Barker (Blink 182) - finish the song "Dammit" in the Drum Career mode

    Hayley Williams (Paramore) - finish the song "Misery Business" in Vocals Career mode.

    Ozzy Osborne - complete the Ozzfest Gig in the Vocals Career

    Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins) - finish the song "Today" in Band Career Mode

    The Guitar Hero Word Tour secret codes make playing the game even greater and more challenging than that of the game itself. Using these codes allows for not only wish fulfillment (who wouldn't want to play as Ozzy?), as well as showing off just how well you shred, beat, and sing the heck out of your favorite song.

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