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    • The Ultimate Guitar Hero Quiz
      Reckon you know everything about Guitar Hero, every game, track and act? Do you have Star Power, have you done a long career, or traced the same venues and played the same tracks as some of rock and roll's biggest names? Put your knowledge of this classic to the test.
    • How to Unlock Characters and Avatars in Guitar Hero 5?
      Guitar Hero 5 unveils new game modes and has some great unlockables in store for all GH fans. There are also few cheats that may help unlock goodies. Here are some of the most popular Guitar Hero 5 cheats and unlockables for Xbox 360.
    • Guitar Hero 5 Cheats and Unlockables for Wii
      Guitar Hero 5 lets you live the rock star fantasy like never before. With our guide to the game's cheats and unlockables, achieving that fantasy is a little bit easier.
    • Guitar Hero World Tour Wii: Mii FreeStyle Guide
      Mii FreeStyle is an easy, fun and entertaining way to spend a few minutes practicing a few rifts or drum solos that will teach you the basics of being a god of Guitar Hero World Tour. This guide takes you on a quick run through of Mii FreeStyle basics and exactly how this mode works.
    • How to Download Guitar Hero Style Songs to your Wii Console for Free
      Guitar Hero does not support direct download of songs for its Wii versions yet, but users who install the Homebrew channel and an application called Guitar Fun can use their Wii Guitar Hero controllers to play songs that extend the generally awful selection included in most of the Guitar Hero games.
    • Guitar Hero World Tour Secret Codes
      Increase your fun of playing Guitar Hero World Tour and raise your game play to another level of enjoyment and entertainment by using the codes and unlockable characters to get the most out of the game.
    • Guitar Hero Smash Hits - Hit or Miss?
      Guitar Hero Smash Hits for the PS2 is another rocking addition to the popular video game series. It is filled with a collection of many of the popular songs found in the other Guitar Hero titles. Worth checking out? Take a look and see what you think.
    • Guitar Hero: World Tour PS2 Review
      Guitar Hero: World Tour is unique from other Guitar Hero games, courtesy of a nice six-piece wireless drum kit, realistically looking guitars and USB Mic. With its new song recording feature, it certainly provides more than just a simple rhythm game.
    • Guitar Hero Metallica Review (Xbox 360)
      Guitar Hero Metallica for the Xbox 360 is a head banging, heavy metal addition to the popular game series. Play many of Metallica’s classic and newly released songs from Death Magnetic, along with a song selections from other rock bands. Are you ready to rock? Check out this review.
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