PS3 Cheats and Tips for the Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince – Earning trophies/crests, succeeding in magic duels

PS3 Cheats: Hogwarts School of Magic Crest Rewards

Note: Unlock the following items and bonuses with the appropriate number of crests:

Draco and Luna Dueling Pack 1 (two players)

  • 3 crests

Increase health in duels

  • 8 crests

Training ground dueling arena pack 2 (two player)

  • 14 crests

Dung bombs (find in prank boxes at Hogwarts)

  • 21 crests

Crabbe and Goyle dueling pack 2

  • 29 crests

Earn extra bonuses in flying events

  • 38 crests

Exploding cauldrons (find in prank boxes at Hogwarts)

  • 48 crests

Transfiguration dueling arena pack 4 (two player)

  • 59 crests

Maximum health in duels

  • 71 crests

Ginny and Hermione dueling pack 5 (two player)

  • 84 crests

Love Potion (located in Potions club)

  • 98 crests

Paved courtyard dueling arena pack 4 (two player)

  • 113 crests

Increase the number of mini-crest with each spell cast

  • 129 crests

Severus Snape multi-player dueling pack 7

  • 150 crests

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince PS3 Game Tips

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince game boxshot

Winning Fights or Duels

  • Cast the Petrificul Totalus or Levi Corpus spell. Charge your Stupify, then release it after it chimes twice. Note this spell does not work on Fenir Grayback.

Accumulating large amounts of Mini-Crests

  • Use the Luck potion while you are on your way to Herbology. Now, every time you use the Diffindo spell, you will get the maximum amount of mini-crests.

Finding Bonus Crests

  • After completion of the Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince PS3 game, go to Hogwarts and locate fireworks boxes. Use the Incedio spell to burn them. This will release a broken crest. Repair it with Reparo and then pick it up.

Locating the Four Secret Trophies

  • In the “Mystery Solved” chapter, retrieve Slughorn’s missing memory.
  • In “Quidditch Champion”, win the Quidditch cup.
  • Complete the “Escaped the Cave” chapter.
  • Protect the burrow in the “Burrow Defender” chapter.

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince game Screenshots


Note: Complete the following missions to receive a trophy

Bronze Trophies

  • Create a cool Christmas party for Slughorn
  • Help a student retrieve their stolen Gobstone
  • Clean up Fred and George’s mess at the Burrow
  • In the Pensieve, view Dumbledore’s first memory of Tom Riddle
  • Complete Crest Collector: Level 1, 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,11,12,13
  • Earn the “Potion Beginner’s Luck Badge”
  • Help Ron avoid Lavender
  • Earn the following badges: Speeding Brewer, Potions Club Star, Potions Club Veteran, Dueling Beginner’s Luck, Reflex, Dueling Club Champion, Dueling Veteran, Quidditch Beginner’s Luck, Precision Flier, Combo Flier, and Keen Flier

Silver Trophies

  • Utilize all portrait shortcuts
  • Complete Crest Collector Level 5, 10, 14
  • Hide the Half-Blood Prince’s Potion book
  • Assemble the Gryffindor Quidditch team

Gold Trophies


Image Credits: Screenshots taken by Sheila Robinson