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iMob Tips: How to Become a Top Fighter

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Learn how to become one of the strongest competitors in the iMob Online network.

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    iMob Battles

    iMob Online is a complex game that has a lot of different areas to focus on, but its competitive element is in the fighting. With this, you are pitted against comparable players for a chance at experience points and the raid of their financial caches. For most people this is the most difficult part of iMob Online and it is hard for them to survive most attacks, let alone become a leader. There are a few tips to try to help you rise from a white belt to a top wise guy in the iMob Online universe.

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    Level Nowhere

    The best way to ensure that you are going to be top of your level is to refuse to level up. As you perform different missions, you will gain experience points; once you gain enough you are offered the chance to level up. Ignore this when you see the icon become available and just continue on with your daily activities. As you start playing iMob Online you should first begin focusing on gaining property so you have a chance at getting money that is not associated with experience points. Even though you are not currently leveling up, the second you choose to you will level up to the point that the experience points you received will let you. After getting a steady stream of money, you need to start buying all available weapons in bulk, focusing on the most powerful.

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    Along with getting large amounts of weapons is the need to build up your mob as quickly as possible. Go online, search your community, and post your friend code everywhere you can. Anything less than 150 members in your crew is going to leave you at the bottom.

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    Fight Smart

    When you begin fighting, you'll notice players looking for people in your level that have just a few mob members. You will have a much better chance of beating them due to your weapons build up, and since you do not get anything for losing you absolutely have to avoid this at all times. Once you have a large stockpile of weapons and defensive devices and have won the majority of your fights you should start fighting people with just a few mobsters less than you have. The next step after this is to fight people at the level above you with only a few mobsters. This makes the iMob Online fight mechanism the most useful.

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    Once you do level up you are going to have to hold off on fighting for a bit. The people at this level will likely have more advanced weapons than you do because they have progressed naturally through iMob Online. Instead, you sat on a past level and stocked up on older weapons. Once you get the preliminary amount of the most contemporary items available, you will again be ahead of the competition because of your previous acquisitions.

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    Bounty Hunter

    Once you get up to a certain level, you can begin attacking those with bounties on their heads, when available. It is important to wait until you have hundreds of each weapon before doing this because otherwise you will always lose against these high-level players.