iMob Online Tips: Dealing With the Updates

Jacking Up iMob

All iMob Online players have noticed the large changes occurring in the network. There have been repeated problems with fight results and profile views, an annoying bar in the middle accusing people of cheating, and a warning about updating. Now the developers have released a blog outlining how they attempt to curb cheating by attacking all successful players. There is a certain way to deal with the problems presented by this new update, but it must be done timely and in haste.

Who is a Cheater?

The first thing is that the update will let the network administrators of sort will reduce anyone over one billion in finances down to a strait one billion. This is done in an attempt to curb those who have cheated in iMob. It is true that many of the people who have this type of money have done so through cheating, but that does not mean that everyone that has been successful has done so in spite of the rules. The best way to approach this is to go ahead and hold off the update for another week. In that time, players with more than one billion in resources should start spending money as fast as possible. It would be best to do this on items that will not end up allowing you any more income, such as property. Go through and stock up your weapons cache as much as possible.

iMob Weapons

The network is also going to be looking for weapons that are “beyond your level.” The iMob Online coordinators have not defined what this means, so it must be an anything goes assault on players. If you have any weapons that should not be allowed at your level you need to sell them off otherwise you will have your entire weapons assorted affected. This may also hurt people that hold off on leveling and stock up on older weapons.

Taking Your Money

It has been said that those who did not “cheat” will receive respect points, but it is doubtful that this will occur because there is no actual way to define who cheated and who didn’t. Since there is no practical way to go in and figure out who altered their monetary pay outs or weapons lockers they are simply going after players in general. It is important to take stock of what they are going to do so you can protect your iMob Online account.