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iMob Online Tips: Financial Planning

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are a few useful tips for working out your finances in the free iphone game iMob Online.

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    Account Maintenance

    Trying to maintain your iMob Online account can be a difficult proposition. One of the main reasons for this is that once you get farther into the game and start acquiring a variety of properties you find that there is both a constant influx of money and a constant amount of cost. This is both from the purchases that you are making as well as the upkeep cost that occurs on all upper level gear. Early on it seemed as though only vehicles had that, but when you get to upper levels all weapon and defensive items have a certain amount of upkeep cost. For more advanced items, this upkeep cost can be fairly significant and can take much of your money cache. There are certain ways to approach your money management to make sure that your iMob Online account is always on top.

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    The main point to remember in iMob Online is that each turn should be a chance to upgrade your financial cycle. This means that once you get to a significant place in the money cycle you should be purchasing properties each turn. This way the annual money accruement will end up being larger and larger each time. Since each property that you buy becomes more expensive with each one that you own you end up finding that your property purchases are becoming more expensive as you raise your annual financial gain. The best way to fix this is to purchase the properties with the best cost to gain ratio first, then add diversity later on.

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    Another main thing to think about here is that once you begin adding large number of upkeep costs you are going to need to coordinate this with your annual property money. Do not buy any more items in one turn whose total upkeep cost is more than twenty-five percent of the newly acquired property income. This way you will continue raising your income at a quick level without having too much taken from you from your weapon and defensive item collection in your iMob Online account. Remember, do not over purchase these items as you can only hold so many at a time depending on your level and mob numbers.