How to Maximize Your Profits from Fighting in iMob Online

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Different Game Focus

iMob Online is a multi-faceted RPG that has a number of different aspects to its gameplay. Essentially, it is a numbers game that asks you to climb through the ranks, but it is also a way to create a community and compete against one another. One of the central parts of iMob Online is fighting, but not just because it is a way to show strength. It is also a way to receive a continuous flow of money while still damaging opponents. Here are a few tips for getting as much money as you can while fighting others in iMob Online.

The Posse

The first thing is that you always want to find someone with fewer mobsters than you have. If they have significantly less, they may be below the maximum possible weapons and vehicles allowed, which is a number you should always be above for your level. No matter what, they should have less than you because it likely shows less proficiency in game play and the likelihood that they have not sat on levels in order to add to their weapons collection and raise their real estate rates.

You may not want to go with someone at the bottom scale of mobsters, however, but this may indicate such a low level in the game that you may not be able to get a serious return from them. If they do not have a lot of money then you cannot take a lot of money.

Sizing up Finances

Try to look at the opponent before you waste your stamina points on them. You will not be able to get a read out of their financial situation but you can see if they have a lot of high-end property. Only go for those iMob Online players with the highest numbers of real estate pieces because that is the main indication of their financial position.

Another indication of their wealth is if they only have weapons, defensive items and vehicles of the highest caliber for their level. What this means is that they have the financial ability to go for just the most expensive gear, but it also means that you have a worthy competitor ahead of you and you have the ability to lose.


When you fight someone, win, and receive a huge return attack again immediately. This should be done on that specific player until they are in the emergency room, dead or out of money. Never kick anybody, as this does not give you a financial return.

You can begin trying to collect bounties put on other players once you get to a significantly high level, but know that they are usually going to be dead before you notice and are almost always some of the strongest players in the iMob Online network.

Leveling Up

If you are going to rely on fighting for most of your financial income then you are going to want to curtail your leveling statistics to this specifically. This means that you should be alternating each three point level distribution with one going toward attack and two going to raise your stamina level. Stamina is more expensive but also more important because you want to have the ability to attack in large quantities to see a sizable return.

Maxing Out

Remember that you should not depend solely on this for your financial well begin in iMob Online because it is still not going to be comparative to real estate and it forces you to level up. The maximum amount you can get from each battle is $70,000, so branch out.