iMob Online: Time Wait Technique

Time Mob

iMob Online, just like its cloned counterparts iVampires Online and Girl Wars Online, are games that really rely on a time cycle. You engage in a few sales and missions, but then wait for the newly accumulated sources of wealth to eventually pay off. This is done usually to take advantage of the money from Real Estate, but you also have to wait for your Energy and Stamina to return in full force for missions and fights. Though it is best to stay up on your iMob Online account as much as possible there are specific times when absentee blocks should be used to jump your account up.

Change in iMob Money Brackets

As is true of almost all free iPhone RPGs camping on your level is crucial in iMob Online. This way you become the top on your level, which will continue once you do decide to move up. The main reason for this is to get large numbers of Real Estate plots for a huge annual pay out. As you get higher, you will begin realizing that though your cyclical iMob payout goes up it usually does so at a very small rate. The reason for this is single or small property purchases every time out. This ends up driving up the prices of lower level property while the higher pay out properties remain relatively untouched. To offset this you need to jump from these lower level purchases to the larger ones available in the iMob Online Real Estate garden. The jump usually takes a very large sum of money and if you are trying to maintain yourself on a single level, it cannot be controlled through missions or fighting. It has to come from your money cycle and you have to sit on it for quite a while.

The Purchase

To do this you must first maintain a substantial amount of property in your iMob Online account. Make sure you own several hundred of each of the lower level properties and even a few of the higher yielding ones. At this point you should avoid the game entirely for seven to ten days. In this time you will accumulate enough money to purchase a large sum of the highest level properties, especially Casinos. These should be purchased all at once so that they do not go up as you purchase. This technique ends up being just as true for iVampires Online and Girl Wars Online as they have the same engine. This can be done even earlier in Girl Wars Online because of the lack of need for empty plots. If you plan on doing this you want to focus your leveling up on your iMob Online accounts toward defensive points so that you are not leaving yourself out to attack or robbery during your absence.