Adding Friends to Your Dungeon Quest Live Party Using Player IDs

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Dungeon Friends

Dungeon Quest Live is a unique installment in the flurry of text based iPhone RPGs that brings more depth and detail to the gameplay and integrates the social networking game craze by linking directly to your Facebook account. Now you can unite Dungeon Quest Live from your Facebook game page with your iPhone game collection in a platform that brings synergy between the two. Dungeon Quest Live has its own method for adding friends needed for success in battle and in Quests.

If for some reason you have messed up your account and want to start over, you can easily reset your Duneon Quest account.

Player ID

To begin adding friends to your Dungeon Quest Live account you can begin in a few ways. When you get to the main Quest page you will see your Player ID number posted on top with a button below it that reads Invite. When you select this button you will be taken to a screen where you can enter another person’s Player ID. Once you get someone’s Player ID you can enter it here and hit Party Invite at the bottom of the screen. The best way to get a large party is to make your Player ID as widely available as possible. My Player ID is 421371390.

Dungeon Quest on Facebook

Dungeon Quest Live provides a number of alternative ways to add people as well. When you are at the main Dungeon Quest Live page go to the third down option on the right hand column labeled Party. Here you will be given a number of options with Player ID at the top. Second down is Facebook, which lets you add people from your Facebook account. As long as you synced your Facebook account with your iPhone Dungeon Quest Live account you will be able to browse through your friends. When you select this option you will be taken to a slow loading screen that lists your friends from Facebook in alphabetical order. Here you can begin checking a box next to each friend that you want to add with a limit of twenty. Then at the bottom you hit the send button to send them a Facebook invite.

Email and Phone Contacts

In the Party screen you also have the option to add people by email or from your Contacts. If you select Phone you are taken to a screen where you can manually enter someone’s phone number or hit the Get from Contacts button that will let you send them invites to their phone. This obviously only works if they have an iPhone that supports Dungeon Quest Live. If you hit the Email button on the Party page you can go through the same process where you enter their email manually or find them from your Contacts list. This only works if you are applying people’s email addresses to their contact in your iPhone Contacts list.

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