How to Reset Your Dungeon Quest Account

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Dungeon Quest stands out as one of the more unique text-based iPhone RPGs. Its use of properties, interface and use of Facebook as a connection feature sets it apart from most of the games whose design is becoming more and more tiresome as the weeks go by. One thing that Dungeon Quest shares with games like Girl Wars Online, iMob Online, and iVampires Online is its ability to reset the account. Since text-based iPhone RPGs are all about making perfect choices it is easy for you to misstep while playing Dungeon Quest. If you want to become one of the top Dungeon Quest players you have to make the right moves at every step of the game. If you even have just a couple mistakes, you may want to look into resetting your Dungeon Quest account altogether. This is an easy guide to resetting your account in Dungeon Quest.

Resetting the Account

When you are at the main Dungeon Quest screen go ahead and look for The Oracle button in the right hand column below the Fight and Party buttons. Once you select this you will go to The Oracle menu where you use gems to purchase certain types of “upgrades” to your Dungeon Quest account. These can be things like your health points, the size of your total party, as well as your strength and stamina. Each one of these option cost a certain number of gems, and you can even buy them in this location. If you go to the very bottom of the possible options you will see the Reset Character one. Next to this it says that the cost is “0 gems.” The RESET button is to the direct right of this, and you press that. You will then be given a scroll that will ask you again whether or not you are sure you want to “delete your character.” Once you do this you will be taken back to the very original stages of your Dungeon Quest account where you choose a name and connect to your Facebook account.

Be Sure

This is a very comprehensive account deletion so you should be very sure about this choice before you make it. The main times when this is appropriate is when you spend your gems in the wrong statistical locations on your Dungeon Quest character or when you simply progress through the levels too quickly.

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