Wild West Tips: Adding Gang Members

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Wild West has many different elements to it that depend on each other in an interdependent way. If you are going to level up you have to complete quests from the Saloon and fight enemies in a western Duel. If you really want to have money to purchase items from the Shop as needed then you are going to have to invest in Real Estate. One aspect that is crucial is the addition of Gang Members, as you need these to control Real Estate, complete Quests, and even win fights. Here is a quick guide on getting Gang Members in your Wild West account.


When you are at the main Wild West display go ahead and select The Outlaws, where it is listed you receive offers. When in there, select The Outlaws Offers button at the bottom instead of the PlayMesh Deals button. At the very top of the available options will be a button that says “Hire a gang member” with a price to the right of it in green. Go ahead and press this button, which will then change to a blue button that says Confirm Payment in the center. Press it again and you will have purchased a Gang Member for your Wild West account.

Gang Member Planning

Gang Members continue to get exponentially more expensive as you add them to your Wild West account. Since you need one Gang Member for each piece of property you have you should use that to dictate when you will buy Gang Members. Since you should be buying real estate constantly, you will be indicated on a consistent basis when it is time to add a Gang Member. Since you will be avoiding leveling up by focusing your financial needs on real estate, you will end up acquiring a large Gang, which you should then arm with the highest level of weapons. Try not to buy Gang Members before you need them in terms of real estate.

PlayMesh Points

Wild West is another outlet for PlayMesh Points, which you can then use to buy Gang Members if you like. Instead of hitting The Outlaws Offers button, you will hit the PlayMesh Deals button if you want to purchase PlayMesh Points. If you go back to The Outlaws Offers you can spend PlayMesh points on buying a Gang Member. Try to only do this once you have many and Gang Members are really expensive.

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