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Wild West is one of the strangest and most obscure of the PlayMesh market. The great thing about most PlayMesh games is though they have significantly different themes, they are all relatively similar. The PlayMesh design is really a department store mannequin that has the ability to show off the clothes of a theme. All of the PlayMesh titles include a feature so that you can protect your earnings from other players who may want to attack you and take a little of what you have worked for. In Wild West, this is called the Bank, mainly because the western theme allowed the developer to forgo any sort of motivational creativity. Here are some tips for using the Wild West Bank.

Wild West Bank

When you open up PlayMesh’s Wild West, hold the iPhone upright so that you will be in the vertical portrait view. At the Wild West home screen find and select the Bank, which is right under the Sheriff and above the Clinic where you are healed.

When you enter the Wild West Bank, you will be given a nice interface that allows for all of your banking actions right there. In the center you will have a text prompt where you can enter the amount of Wild West cash you want to Deposit or Withdrawal. Above the Enter Amount prompt will be the amount of Wild West cash you have available to you in the Bank, and thus the largest amount that you will be able to Withdraw.

Below the text prompt where you enter the cash amount for Deposit or Withdraw will be a button for Deposit and a button for Withdraw. After you enter the specific amount in the text box you hit one of these buttons depending on whether or not you want to Deposit the said amount of Wild West cash into your account, or Withdraw it from what you have available in your Bank balance.

To the left there is a Deposit All button so that you can easily Deposit all of your free Wild West cash into the Wild West Bank. To the right is a comparative Withdraw All button that will allow you to Withdraw your entire Wild West Bank balance. All Deposits cost a ten percent fee, though all Withdrawals are free.

Wild West Tips

A common thread between all MMO text-based iPhone RPGs is that all of the Bank type features will charge a fee on the deposit. The ten percent fee of the Wild West Bank is a little on the smaller size, though it is still present. You only want to use the Wild West Bank when you have to, as if you are being attacked on a consistent basis and have trouble holding on to Wild West cash. You can feel free to use the Wild West Bank a little more than you do in non-PlayMesh MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, but not too much more.

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