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    • Kingdom Hearts II Guide: Secrets and Unlockables
      Playing through Kingdom Hearts II again in preparation for the forthcoming release of the Chain of Memories PS2 remake? Check out this guide for information on how to acquire some rare weapons, summons and more!
    • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Playstation 2 Game Review
      Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is a fun, entertaining ride, through a unique world with engaging and satisfying game play and a fun look that makes this classic game on the Playstation 2 an enhancement from the Game Boy Advance title from years ago.
    • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Walkthrough (PS2)
      Need a little help navigating through Castle Oblivion and taking down bosses like the Guard Armor, the Trickmaster, Hades and Jafar? Check out this guide for information to help get you through the game's first several worlds.
    • Retrospective - Kingdom Hearts Series
      What do you get when one of the giants of the entertainment world joins forces with one of the best RPG developers in the world? A gaming series that has exceeded all expectations and continues to capture the hearts of gamers around the world.
    • Kingdom Hearts 3 for Wii
      In this article you'll find everything you want to know about the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts game for the Wii! Don't miss it if you are a RPG fan or an avid Kingdom hearts player!
    • DS Game Reviews: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
      Learn the other side of the story in the long awaited Kingdom Hearts game for the DS. This time it's all about Roxas.
    • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Cheats and Tips
      Here is some extra help getting you through the one and a half Kingdom Hearts game.
    • Kingdom Hearts Review For The Nintendo DS
      Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days travels through a lot of the same territory as the old games in this series but it's still fun and entertaining to play. The new leveling system adds a unique element of puzzle game play to upgrading your character and is useful and satisfying.
    • PlayStation 2: Kingdom Hearts: RE: Chain of Memories Review
      Hey, wasn't this originally on the GBA? Oh well. Now it's another PS2 adventure for Sora and the gang!
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