Playstation 2 Gamers Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Review

Playstation 2 Gamers Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Review
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The Good (3 out of 5)

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Playstation 2 Console is a wonderfully crafted video game with a familiar and charming combination of Final Fantasy and Disney. Playing this game gives players a feeling of deja vu as they replay the the same scenes and areas from the Game Boy Advance title released in 2004, but with a more graphical encounter.

Square Enix has made a few nice combat additions, the use of reaction commands (timed button presses), make the combat more engaging and satisfying to play than simple button mashing.

The Bad (4 out of 5)

_Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Me_mories for the Playstation 2 Game Console is a game that recycles far too much of the old content from earlier games. Seeing the same artwork from years ago and playing through the same areas just means that Square Enix took the short route to game development, instead of the main road.

Plenty of fun and engaging combat layered on top by a totally unnecessary card system that feels like it was added for variety instead of developed to add to the game play.

The Graphical Picture (3 out of 5)

Hundred acre woods, Halloween Town, Agrabah and all the characters look the same as they appeared in the original game, only in 3D, which means developers did not take the time to upgrade the graphical presentation for this move to the Playstation 2. Still great looking animations and effects have been included, nice lighting and shadows, and smooth character movements in both the fast action sequences and the slower moments.


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Let the Playstation 2 Kingdom Hearts fun begin

The Sounds in the Game (3 out of 5)

The sound track include with the Playstation 2 version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories has recycled tunes from Kingdom Hearts. Still a nice collection of impressive music that adds wonderfully to the game play and keeps your mind involved in the action. The sound effects are simple and funny sounds designed to add to the game play and fun of the challenge.

The Story Line (3 out of 5)

The storyline of the Playstation version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories picks up where Kingdom Hearts leaves off. Otherwise, players are uncertain why Donald and Goofy have teamed up with Sora and are traveling from Disney world to Disney world. The concept that drives the game play is based on the memories of Sora, which is why most of the areas and environments are from Kingdom Hearts. The story is well written and engaging and involves players in the game play, and definitely sets you up for Kingdom Hearts 2.

Playability (3 out of 5)

The combat system used in the Playstation 2 version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories isn’t as playable as the satisfying combat system used in Kingdom Hearts.

The mini-puzzles are fun and they even added a few new ones that had me laughing and playing again, but the awkward platforming made it more difficult at times then the original Kingdom Hearts.

The Final Mark (3 out of 5)

The Playstation 2 version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memory has production values that are in the middle of the game development road and stay average through out the adventure. Gamers who have played Kingdom Hearts will enjoy continuing the adventure.