Kingdoms of Camelot

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    • Guide to Kingdoms of Camelot: Resources and Defense
      When playing Kingdoms of Camelot, players have a four-day grace period to build up their city, accumulate resources and set up a strong defense. Here is a strategy guide to help new players get their basics right and build a formidable defense against enemy forces.
    • Top Five Facebook Games
      Adele Caelia takes a look at the games on Facebook, pointing out the best out of the bunch, and why they stand out.
    • Kingdoms of Camelot: Evony Without the Boobs
      Evony has been trolling the internet with it's unethical ad campaigns and business practices, but now there is a safe alternative available on Facebook called Kingdoms of Camelot.
    • 4 Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot (Facebook Game) Beginners and Low Might Players
      "Help! Someone keeps attacking me! They're killing my troops and stealing my stuff! What can I do?" Has this happened to you while playing the game Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook? You're not alone, and there are steps you can take to make them go away.
    • Facebook Game Review: Realm Of Empires
      Realm of Empires is a browser based medieval style MMO strategy game you can play through Facebook. Players can develop settlements, build armies, join alliances, and conquer the game map.