Facebook Game Review: Realm Of Empires. game basics, settlements, and making money.

Facebook Game Review: Realm Of Empires. game basics, settlements, and making money.
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Realm Of Empires Game Basics

Realm of Empires is very similar to games such as Tribal Wars and Travian which are other medieval style browser strategy games. Realm of Empires borrows many of the same game elements and is very easy to play. Once you create your account through Facebook you can join the game and do the short tutorial provided for you. If you access the help menu you can take retake the tutorial at any time. New players should go through this tutorial to get used to the interface and the general game play. You will have a five day protection period before you can be attacked. The basics of the game involve settlement construction, army building, and then trying to conquer the game map.

Settlement Basics (5 out of 5)

Realm Of Empires Map

Every player starts with a basic settlement and some buildings. You will want to upgrade your farms as soon as possible so you have enough civilians to turn into soldiers. After you have more farms you should build a barracks and start making basic militia. At the beginning stages you should also upgrade your headquarters which will make your buildings construct faster and will help to unlock more advanced buildings. You can view your settlement on the game map and the other players around you by clicking the small globe icon. Clicking a settlement will let you view the player’s name, game points, and clan name if available. The map looks quite nice for a browser game and especially a Facebook game. The only problem with the map is the arrow icons for scrolling are very small and difficult to see.

Making Game Money (5 out of 5)

To make money in Realm of Empires you will need two things a silver mine, and a treasury. When you first start you will already have a silver mine. This mine should be upgraded as much as possible so you have a decent amount of money coming into your empire. Each upgrade of the silver mine will produce more silver per hour and go into your treasury unless you spend it. The treasury is just as important as your mine because it holds your silver reserves. Upgrade this building along with your mine so you don’t lose any silver production. If you don’t upgrade it you will lose money because you will not have enough room to store your silver. Your silver is displayed at the top of your screen if you see this in red it means you need a bigger treasury. At the highest level of treasury you can hold 1,500,000 silver coins.

Constructing Armies (3 out of 5)

Your Troops

Building troops like most games is done at your barracks. If you click on the barracks you will see the building options available to you. You can only build troops if you have the proper upgraded building level. On the left side you will see your barracks, stable, siege workshop, tavern, and palace. If the structure is grayed out it means you don’t have the proper building upgrades for it. Click on the structure you want and you will see what the requirements are. So for example if you want cavalry you need a barracks level five and a headquarters level five. You must have enough population for troops so keep upgrading your farms if you want to build a large army. The problem with army construction is that you have a limited troop selection. For example, there are no archers or pikemen, which you would expect to see in a medieval style game.

Game Battles (5 out of 5)

Battles in Realm of Empires are done through the barracks screen by using the menu at the top. Here you can support your own settlements or those of your clan and attack enemy settlements too. Just enter the coordinates of the village you want to go to and pick your troops. You can use the battle simulator to see how your army will stack up against another army. You can produce spies in your tavern to check up on enemy settlements before launching any attacks and use your clan mates if you need any extra help.

Game Messages and Help (5 out of 5)

At the top of the screen you will find reports, messages, and clan icons. Yu can use these to keep in contact with your clan read battle reports, and other messages. The clan icon will let you know about all the major events in your clan like who joined or is leaving and other important messages from your leadership. If you have a new message, the icon will have a blue glow around it.

Game Advisor

You can get help from the game through the help icon. This will allow you to retake the tutorial as well as give you a faq to read. One neat feature here is an advisor that will analyze your game and tell you what you should build next. It gives you basic advice but it is nice to have as a beginner. You can reach the game forums from here as well as report any game bugs you find.

Realm Of Empires Game Play (4 out of 5)


I enjoyed playing Realm of Empires. The first day I joined I had offers from two clans to join them and have found the people playing the game to be very friendly. The map in this game is nicely done and it looks better than some other browser games with similar game play. My only complaint would be the limited number of troop options that you have to work with. I would like to see some archers, pikemen and other types of troops. I hope future upgrades bring more troop types to the game.

You don’t need to invest a lot of time into the game to enjoy it you can play for a few minutes with coffee in the morning or at any time, it is designed to be casual. You can be attacked when offline so its good to be in a clan, your team can help protect you by stationing troops at your settlement. Like most browser games your buildings and troops can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to construct so you need patience. As you progress in the game your title will change starting from serf and then going to great emperor at the top levels. There are a few simple graphics in the game and you have no sound options.

Game Tips

  • Make sure your silver mine is upgraded so you have a flow of money coming in Upgrade the treasury often so extra silver is stored and not wasted.
  • Take your time and join an alliance as soon as you can because you will need one.
  • use the advisor in the help menu if you want a general idea on what to build next.
  • If you find you can’t build anymore troops you need more farm upgrades.
  • Troop movements are all done through your barracks, using the menu you will find at the top.



Realm of Empires is one of the better Facebook strategy games I have played. You will find many friendly people willing to help you out. If you like games like this be sure to try Evony or Khan Wars two other medieval strategy games that I recommend.