Super Cucco Challenge Guide: How to Get the Second Bottle in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Super Cucco Challenge Guide: How to Get the Second Bottle in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
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The bottles are among the most useful and essential items in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Not only can they be used to hold recovery items like potions and milk, but you can also use them to catch and store fish, faeries, and bugs, all of which can be very helpful at various points in the game.

There are four bottles for Link to obtain, three of which can be earned in the early part of the game, when you are still in control of Young Link. The first part of this series: Hitting the Bottle With Link, covered how to earn your first bottle in Kakariko Village by helping the Cucco Lady round up her pets.

Getting ahold of bottle two also involves a few cuccos. This time, though, you’ll be tracking down super cuccos at Lon Lon Ranch.

Lon Lon Ranch

Talon is Behind Door Number One

Before you can attempt to get the second bottle, you must first have met and awakened Talon outside of Hyrule Castle. Talon is the one who gives up the bottle, and it’s impossible to get before he is there.

Basically, if you’ve already been inside the castle and met with Princess Zelda, you should be good to go.

Lon Lon Ranch is located in the very center of Hyrule Field, West of the exit from Kokiri Forest. It’s also atop a large plateau, so it’s difficult to miss. If you’re heading there after leaving Hyrule Castle, it will be just ahead and to your right.

The entrance to the ranch is via a ramp located between two large wooden towers on the Northeast side of the plateau. Run up the path to reach the ranch.

Finding Talon

To find Talon, head to the ranch and enter the first door on your left. Make sure you do so during the day, though, as Talon enjoys sleeping at night and will not open up for you.

Remember that you can use the Sun’s Song to change the time from night to day if you’re impatient.

Inside, you’ll find a large room with wooden walls and flooring. Talon rests up against a counter and has three peculiar cuccos all pecking in unison nearby.

When you speak to him, he’ll offer you a challenge. He’ll release his “super cuccos” into the flock wandering around the room, and you’ll have to find them in 30 seconds. If you succeed, he’ll give you a bottle filled with his world famous Lon Lon milk.

The Super Cucco Challenge

Find Cuccos Get Bottle

There are a few ways to go about completing the challenge. The hardest is to simply accept, let him throw his cuccos out, and run around randomly trying to pick out the super cuccos in time. This method is inefficient and often ineffective.

You can also accept the challenge and pay careful attention to the trajectory his super cuccos take, trying to pick them out of the crowd based on where you think they’d land. This is a little faster, but still not the most efficient method.

Your best bet requires a little pre-planning. You’re free to manipulate the other cuccos in the room before the challenge begins, use this to your advantage. The counter against which Talon is leaning also makes for a pretty effective cucco pen.

Pick up all the wandering cuccos and toss them behind (you can do this by standing to Talon’s right) before you begin the challenge. A few may wander out, but you can either toss them back or simply walk into them to push them back into your makeshift pen.

Now, when you signal Talon to begin the challenge, his super cuccos will be the only ones in the room. Picking them out will be very easy, and you’ll complete the challenge in record time.

Once you’re finished, Talon will reward you with a bottle filled with Lon Lon milk. The milk will recover lost hearts when it’s consumed, and the bottle is yours to keep and use once it’s empty.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

After you’ve completed the Super Cucco challenge, you’ll be able to talk to Malon as she wanders around in the middle of the ranch. She’ll teach you Epona’s Song, which isn’t terribly useful at the current time, but will definitely come in handy later in the adventure.

It’s definitely a good idea to pick it up while you’re at Lon Lon Ranch.

Now, if you’re following our guide, you should have the first two bottles in your collection. The third can be yours as soon as you obtain the bomb bag inside Dodongo’s Cavern. Check out the next in our series of guides for full information on how to obtain it.


All screenshots and references from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

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