How to Find all the Big Poes and Earn the Fourth Bottle in Ocarina of Time 3D

How to Find all the Big Poes and Earn the Fourth Bottle in Ocarina of Time 3D
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In real life, a bottle is a pretty mundane item. In the world of Hyrule, though, a bottle is one of the most useful items a person could possibly have.

One bottle is great, but four is truly amazing. If you’ve been following our guide up to this point, you’ve already obtained bottles from Kakariko Village, Lon Lon Ranch, and Lake Hylia. None of them have been exactly easy to obtain, but the fourth bottle is easily the most complicated of them all.

Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good

Big Poe

To get the fourth and final bottle, you must wait until you’ve obtained the Master Sword and changed into Adult Link. You’ll also need to free Epona from Lon Lon Ranch and get the Fairy Bow from the Forest Temple. After you’ve done all this, it’s time to do a little ghost busting.

Your goal is to kill ten different “Big Poes” located all around Hyrule and trap them in one of your empty bottles. You’ll then need to return the bottled Poe to Hyrule Castle town, where a strange man wishes to purchase them from you. You’ll find the Poe buyer in the first door as you enter the Castle town (where the lazy guard with all the pots used to be).

The Big Poes only appear when you’re on horseback, and you can only attack them by using the Fairy Bow while riding Epona.

Big Poes are different from the smaller versions you’ll find scattered around the game world (you likely first encountered them in the Kakariko Village Graveyard). Selling regular Poes will still net you a few rupees, but will not help you obtain the fourth Ocarina of Time bottle.

How to Catch Big Poes

You’ll Need Epona’s Help

The Big Poes will only appear if you enter certain areas in Hyrule Field. Once they appear, chase them on horseback while shooting arrows. Two hits should take one down, and if you speak to the defeated Poe afterward, you’ll be able to put it into a bottle.

It will take several trips back to the merchant in the guardhouse to sell all the Poes, but it’s worth the effort to get your last bottle. Each Big Poe will also net you 50 rupees.

Big Poe Locations

The first Poe is found to the West of the entrance to Hyrule Castle Town. Here, near the huge “L” shaped wall is a few bushes. Run through them to make it appear. Note that the bushes are South of the river that runs through this area.

The second Poe is found just South of the ruined drawbridge at the entrance to the castle town. Run by the sign you find here to make it appear.

The third Poe hangs out to the East of Hyrule Castle, near the entrance to Kakariko Village. There is a fenced-off overhang in this area, ride atop it to make the ghost appear.

There is a tree between the plateau atop which sits Lon Lon Ranch and the entrance to Gerudo Valley (Western Hyrule Field). Run past it to make the fourth Poe appear.

Poe number five can be found just outside the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch. There is a lone tree here that you should run past to get it to appear.

The sixth Poe is fond of appearing near the “V” shaped wall to the East of Lon Lon Ranch.

Poe number seven is found near the fork in the road just outside the entrance to Gerudo Valley. Note where the ground changes color, as he likes to appear in that area.

If you travel along the road between Lon Lon Ranch and Kakariko Village, you’ll find a giant silver boulder. Ride past it to make the eighth Poe appear.

Between Lake Hylia and Kokiri Village in Southern Hyrule Field you’ll find a few trees. Among these trees is a distinctive patch of bushes. Run through the bushes to get Poe number nine to appear.

Finally, the tenth Poe is found near where you found Poe nine. You’ll see a plain brown boulder in the same grove of trees. Ride past it and you’ll make the final ghost appear. Hunt him down and turn him in to receive your fourth and final bottle.

Hunting down all these wayward ghosts can be a bit of a chore, but with our list of locations and a bit of determination, you’ll claim that final bottle in no time. Now you can hold up to four faeries, ready to revive you should you fall in battle. You’ll also earn 500 rupees along the way. Not a bad reward for a bit of ghost busting, eh?


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