How to Get Biggoron's Sword in the Ocarina of Time 3D Trading Game

How to Get Biggoron's Sword in the Ocarina of Time 3D Trading Game
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The Master Sword is an iconic weapon that appears in practically every version of The Legend of Zelda ever released. It’s Link’s ultimate weapon, and the one that typically accompanies him through most of his quest.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is no exception to this trend. Link acquires the Master Sword early in the game and upon retrieving it is instantly transported forward in time seven years to wield the weapon as Adult Link.

Now, the Master Sword is perfectly serviceable and can be used while wielding a shield, but it is not the most powerful sword in Ocarina of Time. That honor goes to Biggoron’s Sword, a massive two-handed blade that can only be acquired through a long and convoluted trading game.

The trading game sends Link to the four corners of Hyrule, often requiring him to get from one place to another in a short period of time. The process is long and tedious, but it sure is nice to have that high-damage sword when you’re taking on some of the temple bosses late in the game.

Pocket Egg, Pocket Cucco, and Cojiro

Pocket Egg

The first item you’ll need to acquire for the trading game is the Pocket Egg in Kakariko Village. Those who picked up the game’s first bottle by assisting the cucco lady here already know where to head, as you’ll once again speak to the cucco lady to get the egg.

The egg will hatch into a Pocket Cucco once an in-game day has passed (use the Sun’s Song if you’re impatient). Once it does, take it to your old friend Talon, who you’ll find passed out in the first house on the left as you enter the village. Once you’ve awakened him, he’ll head back to Lon Lon Ranch and you’ll need to return the cucco to the cucco lady.

She will be pleased that you’ve made the Pocket Cucco happy, and offer to exchange it for Cojiro, a rare blue cucco that once belonged to her brother. Accept Cojiro and head toward the Lost Woods.

Cojiro, Odd Mushroom, and Odd Poultice


Head toward the Lost Woods and take the first left. Look for a very tired man leaning against a stump. This is the cucco lady’s brother, and the former owner of Cojiro. Give him his trusty blue cucco and he’ll offer you an Odd Mushroom in return.

You have three minutes to deliver the mushroom to the Old Hag in Kakariko Village before it spoils (you have to run, using any warp powers will cause the timer to instantly expire). The fastest way is to take the shortcut between the Lost Woods and Goron City, then run down the mountain. Once you reach Kakariko Village use the Sun’s Song to ensure that it is daytime, then run into the potion shop (first door on the left). Run past the counter on the left side, jump down, then climb the stairs and enter the door you find. Show the mushroom to the Old Hag and she’ll give you an Odd Poultice in return.

Run the Odd Poultice back to the same spot in the Lost Woods. Cojiro’s former owner has disappeared, but a Kokiri girl is hanging out in his place. She’ll demand the poultice and give you the Poacher’s Saw in return.

Poacher’s Saw, Broken Goron’s Sword, and Prescription

Poachers Saw

The Poacher’s Saw is the property of the carpenter in Gerudo Valley. Head over to the valley and use either the longshot or Epona’s jumping ability to clear the broken bridge and reach him. He’ll gladly accept his saw and give you the Broken Goron’s Sword in return.

The Broken Goron’s Sword must be taken to the top of Death Mountain, where Biggoron awaits. Biggoron has a problem of his own, though, as his eyes have been injured and he cannot see to fix the sword until they’re healed.

He gives you a Prescription that must be taken to King Zora. The king is still hanging out in Zora’s Domain, but has somehow become frozen in the seven years since Link last visited. Link must use a blue flame to unfreeze him. The blue flame can be purchased in the Kakariko Village Potion Shop.

King Zora will take your prescription and give you an Eyeball Frog to deliver to the scientist at Lake Hylia.

Eyeball Frog, Eyedrops, Claim Check, and Biggoron’s Sword

Eyeball Frog

The Eyeball Frog delivery must take place within three minutes. Remember that you cannot use magic to warp across Hyrule, you must run and ride Epona to get there in time. The fastest way is to use the shortcut between Zora’s Domain and the Lost Woods, then run out to Hyrule Field and ride Epona to Lake Hylia. Use Epona to jump the fences, then run in and talk to the scientist before showing him the frog. He’ll take the frog and turn it into Eyedrops.

Take the Eyedrops back to Biggoron atop Death Mountain. You’ll have but four minutes to do so. Ride Epona back to Kokiri Forest, enter the Lost Woods, take the shortcut to Goron City, then run up the mountain to get there in time.

Biggoron is happy to have his eyes healed, and says he can fix the sword for you, but it will take three days. He gives you a Claim Check to hang on to in the meantime. You’ll need to actually wait the three days (or repeatedly play the Sun’s Song) to claim the sword.

After enough time has passed, speak to Boggoron again and he’ll present you with the Biggoron’s Sword. This two-handed blade does twice as much damage as the Master Sword, but you can’t use a shield while you wield it.


All references and images from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.