Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition Releases On September 8th 2009

Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition Releases On September 8th 2009
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Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition Coming Soon

Little Big Planet for the Playstation 3 was huge at one point, the marketing was huge, the extended wait on a ‘clean’ release of the game was huge, and the game itself was one of the most creative games I think I have ever played (or I should say, ‘created’).

With the ability to create my own playable levels for others to play online, and the ability to tag team with other sack boys to run through user created level, after level, was what kept this game so thrilling, so rewarding, and so above and beyond unique. A game that never grew old, and a game that had something new every single time you would log into online play.

It was no wonder Little Big Planet was rewarded the game of the year. But it seems like the creators let that title get to their heads, because they are really trying to outshine themselves by creating another Little Big Planet, only with a stamped ‘Game of the Year’ in bold red print on the cover of the games box.

Now any fan of the game may quickly scan over this box work and think that they just added the new print on to the boxes to let players who have yet to buy the game, know that the game is worth buying seeing that it is, after all, the game of the year. Upon closer inspection though, its becomes clear that the new added print Game of the Year actually represents new elements of the original game.

You see the Game of the Year edition comes packed with a few extras that the original game did not come with. However the game in itself as a whole is exactly the same.

So you are probably wondering, is the Little Big Planet: Game of the Year edition worth shelling out yet another $59.99? Owners of the first title are on the fence.

Some want the new additions and welcome it, while others are downright disgusted by the entire concept. The content that will be included in the Game of the Year Edition should be a free download for those who already shelled out $59.99 in 2008 for the game. Honestly, this is how they should go about things, but as we know, nothing in life is as fair as it should be, now is it?

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So What Does This Big Bad Bold Game of the Year Edition Boast?

First off you will have access to 18 brand new levels. The cute quirky catch is that these 18 levels are user created.

Next it will include 7 packs that were available for download in the Playstation Store. (Not for nothing, but holy cow, what a slap in the face to those who actually burned money to buy those packs).

From a Special Pack

Last but not least, you will be given online beta access to one of Sony’s ModNation Racers.

Are you excited?

Picture this, you own the game, you already spent $59.99 on the title a year ago. You spent another $20.00-$30.00 on special download packs bringing you to a total of $80.00+, plus tax.

A year later Sony releases a Game of the Year Edition, which gives you all of that, plus online beta access to ModNation Racers.

Personally I’m irked by the entire concept, and mostly annoyed because no word about what Sony is going to do for those who already bought the game; for those who made is possible for the game to be called the ‘game of the year’.

Questions still loom in the minds of those of us who already purchased the game: Will we have access to the 18 user created levels? Will we have free access to those special pack downloads? Are we going to get access to ModNation Racers? I mean really, we already shelled out our $60.00.

Man sack boy is really socking it to us isn’t he? It makes you wonder if Sony is taking tips from Maxis.

The remaining question of course has to be answered. Is the Game of the Year Edition worth buying?

No if you already own the game. Yes if you don’t. The release of Little Big Planet, Game of the Year Edition will be September 8th 2009. Are you ready?