What are Mafia Wars Satellite Phones? How to Get Them and Where to Use Them

What are Mafia Wars Satellite Phones? How to Get Them and Where to Use Them
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Where to Get Mafia Wars Satellite Phones

Mafia Wars Satellite Phones are dropped from the Hijack a Boat Load of Electronics job found in Episode 3, Chapter 2 of Bangkok. These have a high drop rate, meaning that nearly every time you complete the job you will get a phone, but considering how often the must be used, this does not do the job any justice. Though players may be antsy to complete all four mastery levels in episode three, it is a better choice to leave this episode at level one or two mastery because it will cost less energy to get more phones when they are needed later in the game.

Since there are several places these phones are required, it is a good idea to stock up. A downfall to this is the job requires players to pick a side. If players have locked the option to choose the other side when they complete the job through level mastery, it can throw off the loyalty meter for both factions, making it harder to mark those achievements off the list.

Where to Use Mafia Wars Satellite Phones

Episode 3


Chapter 3: Triad Faction Choice only: Offload The Cars Onto A Waiting Barge

Episode 4

  • Chapter 1: Make Contact With The United Wa State Army
  • Chapter 2: Establish Contact With A CIA Agent: Choice Point job
  • Chapter 3: Pass On Information To The Thai Police

Episode 5 A

  • Chapter 1: Smuggle The Sapphires Into Tokyo

Episode 5 B

  • Chapter 3: Talk With Wei’s Disloyal Enforcers: Choice Point Job

Episode 6

  • Chapter 2: Extort The Consortium’s Remaining Officers job. This is for the Triad faction.
  • Chapter 2: Steal An Experimental Armor Prototype job. This is for the Yazuka faction.

Episode 7

  • No satellite phones are required for episode 7.

How Many are Needed

Satellite phones are required for several jobs through episodes 4 through 7 in Bangkok, so for complete mastery on all four levels of all the jobs where they are required, you will need over 1,000 phones considering the level 4 mastery only earns 1% job completion, you’ll need 100 phones to finish that level on all the jobs. Expect the lack of phones to hinder progress at several points throughout the game unless you can afford to purchase reward points for energy refills and use them over and over on the loot drop job.

Simply mastering the job where they are loot dropped will not be enough to get through, as they are not dropped with each job attempt and required often. Complete the job repeatedly to get the required amount, or place the item on the wishlist to ask fellow mafia members to share theirs. As the phones are widely used, this may be harder to do than with other loot items found in the game. If you’re willing to spend reward points, 10 phones can be purchased for 20 RP.

An estimate of the total phones needed through episode 6 can be seen at the Mafia Wars Wiki. Many players believe the insane requirement of this consumable loot drop is just a Zynga ploy to get people buying reward points.