How to Build Your Mafia in Mafia Wars: 4 Sure Fire Ways to Maximize Your Family Size

How to Build Your Mafia in Mafia Wars: 4 Sure Fire Ways to Maximize Your Family Size
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What’s the Advantage of a Large Mafia in Mafia Wars?

One of the biggest factors in building a strong character and progressing through the game is through the mafia players are able to build. Though early players won’t feel the pinch right away, having a larger mafia gives advantage in areas such as: fighting, robbing, being hit listed and going to war.

Having a big mafia will play into more than just those aspects of game play as players move through the game. Since there are a large number of consumable loot items required for various jobs throughout New York and the expansion cities, as well as a high number of items to collect for achievement purposes, having a bigger mafia gives players access to more people to gift those items to and request gifts from accordingly. It’s all about supporting fellow mafia members to get support in return, so the larger the network of players you’re working with, the better off you are.

The maximum mafia size is 501, including hired guns which may be purchased or found through mystery bags. How can you build your mafia to that size? Invite existing facebook friends, add yourself to facebook groups, use add me trains, and follow popular Mafia Wars blogs.

How to Build Your Mafia in Mafia Wars through Inviting Existing Friends

Since Mafia Wars is one of the most popular games on Facebook, people already on your friends list are likely already playing the game. Invite all your friends, so those that do play have a chance to add themselves to your mafia. If people don’t accept, assume that they do not play and follow the unofficial rules of etiquette to avoid bothering them with your game feed as you progress through the game. Don’t send multiple invites unless you know for a fact the person plays and missed it the first time.

How to Build Your Mafia in Mafia Wars by Adding Yourself to Facebook Groups


More Mafia More Power

ere are many facebook groups dedicated to helping you build a bigger mafia. Adding yourself to these groups and posting in them with details on your player stats and frequency will allow other people who are looking to build a stronger mafia to find you. When you add yourself to these groups, expect an influx of invitations and friend requests. Consider joining more than one group or periodically checking for new group members to keep a steady flow.

Building a Mafia with Add Me Trains

Add Me Trains are much like joining facebook groups, though this term is used to describe places off facebook where you can join to be added to other mafias. Check out MafiaWarsAdds on Twitter or the Mafia Wars Add Train on Associated Content to give yourself a boost. Simply provide a link to your facebook profile and information about your playing habits and character stats to watch requests come flooding in. Remember, each player only has a certain number of requests to send per day, factoring in gift requests, add requests, and crime spree requests, so the influx may last several days.

Building a Mafia by Following Notable Mafia Wars Blogs

Some Mafia Wars blogs will have an area for players to add themselves to a list to request adds to get more people to join their mafia. This is similar to an add train. Many players seek these blogs for strategy, tricks, and tips like those you see here on Bright Hub.