Understanding the Unofficial Mafia Wars Etiquette

Understanding the Unofficial Mafia Wars Etiquette
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Why Agree to Use Mafia Wars Etiquette?

It has ‘war’ in the title, so why is there a need for etiquette? The reasoning behind a Mafia Wars code of conduct – albeit voluntary – is clear: newer players are allowed the same enjoyment of the game as their more seasoned counterparts at the higher levels.

A player who is still building his mafia family will find that being attacked mercilessly every time he logs on robs him not just of coins and points but also of enjoyment of the game. In all fairness, players at higher levels do benefit from giving the lower level Mafiosi a break, especially since they will eventually turn into more formidable foes that increase the experience points count when fighting.

Another reason for keeping in step with an unwritten Mafia Wars etiquette protects even the higher level players: family wars. It is not unheard of for groups of players to gang up on higher level players merely because they went after a member of the group repeatedly.

Facebook Mafia Wars: Unofficial Fight Protocol

Fighting is part and parcel of earning experience points, amassing currency and leveling up. That being said, it is considered bad form to bookmark weaker opponents to return and attack them frequently. Sure, the player might be able to profit from the experience points as well as the currency the other player neglected to bank, but within the gaming community he becomes known as a bully player and may find that his reputation precedes him when attempting to add players to his mafia.

If the weaker player teams up with a stronger group, the bully player may soon be in the cross hairs of high level players who will make game play difficult to enjoy.

Beware of breaking alliances. If your mafia family is aligned with another family, it would be considered bad form to attack players belonging to that group. Granted, it is easier to note alliances in Zynga’s Vampire Wars, where individual clan members frequently display their clan tags more frequently than they do in the mafia. Even so, some Mafia Wars families have taken to amend their in-game names to reflect allegiances and it is wise to heed them.

Mafia Wars Loot Drops, Lotto Tickets, Jobs and Leveling: Posting Etiquette

Screenshot of Mafia Wars Loot

You need a Mafia Wars concealable camera loot item; you might even need about 20 of them. It is tempting to clog the wall feed (yours and your Facebook friends’) with frequent reminders of your need.

While it may net the player a few loot items and gifts, it can also lead to his being removed from friends lists and wall feeds. Instead, post your wish list once a day and then seek to entice your Mafia Wars family into giving you the items by giving them the desired goods from the free gifts list first. If the items are not on the gift list, send a desirable free gift item with a personal notation of the items needed.

Be sure to post open jobs and bonus opportunities from personal game play. On the flipside, be sure to comment on other players’ posts, especially if the link has expired. Only add posts to the feed if they benefit the community as a whole or if they are part of the game you are currently playing. Letting everyone know that a gift changed hands or that a lotto ticket was scratched does not benefit anyone and actually tends to clog the wall feed.

Respect Non-Gaming Facebook Friends

The following Facebook Mafia Wars tips with respect to wall posts are strongly encouraged.

  • Go through the entire friends list and create a sub list for Mafia Wars players and one for everyone else.
  • Whenever sending out a Mafia Wars notice to the feed, click on the padlock icon and specifically exclude the ‘everyone else’ group, so that only the game players receive the post on their walls. Gamers you might know from other games know how to exclude the Mafia Wars posts from showing up on their walls, if they are not fellow Mafiosi.
  • Check the application setting so that it does not automatically send out posts without first prompting the player. It is far too common for a game to send out copious postings that might even make the likeminded players wary of a certain participant. Stay in control of any post made and evaluate if the wall post benefits the other players in some way.

Stay on Zynga’s Good Side

As a final word on Mafia Wars etiquette, keep in mind that the game creators specifically forbid any racial, sexual or religious harassment of other players. Go easy on the trash talk in the forums. Consider that your little jab might be mistaken by someone else as a forbidden form of harassment!

Remember also that it is forbidden to stalk other players. Someone could misconstrue repeated attacks as stalking, so tread lightly if you engage the same player over a couple of days in a number of fights. It is better to walk away and engage another player than risk having an account disabled over alleged an alleged breach of Mafia Wars etiquette.