What is the Boxing Ring in Mafia Wars? Where to Get It and What It is Used For

What is the Boxing Ring in Mafia Wars? Where to Get It and What It is Used For
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What is the Boxing Ring in Mafia Wars?

The Boxing Ring in Mafia Wars is one of seven loot drop collection items for the Soldier job tier in New York. The Soldier job tier opens for players at level 9 and stops at level 13 when the next tier opens. The Solider tier also has a card collection, so players may need to do these jobs several times in order to collect all the loot items for both collections.

The Boxing Ring Collection includes the following items: Hand Tape, a Pair of Gloves, Head Gear, Boxing Trunks, Speed Bag, Heavy Bag, and Boxing Ring. The Boxing Ring is the last item and generally the hardest loot drop to get from the game. At least one of all seven of these items is required to vault the collection which offers a player bonus.

How to Get the Boxing Ring in Mafia Wars

Players must complete jobs in the Soldier tier to get these items. They are random loot drops from any and all of the jobs in the tier. These items are not available for purchase from the Mafia Wars store, but they may be gifted from other players in the free gifting program avialble to players once they reach level 40. If a player needs an item or items from the collection to vault, after reaching level 40, he can add the items to his wishlist and share the list on his profile for other fellow mafia members to see. Mafia members who have the extra items will gladly send them to help their fellow member.

What the Boxing Collection in Mafia Wars Does

Boxing Collection

Once players have collected at least one of all seven items in the Boxing Collection, they can vault the collection to receive a bonus. The vault collection bonus for the Boxing Collection is +3 attack skill. The additional attack skill will help strengthen the character in fights and robbing as progression is made through the game.

If at any time the player receives another full set of all seven items in the collection, he or she has the option to revault the collection to receive an additional reward. When the player revaults, he or she receives a Semi Pro Boxer which offers an additional 15 skill points on the attack portion of a character’s stats. The more a player revaults the collection, the more attack skill points he gets, but in the grand scheme of things for the game, revaulting this collection over and over should not be a priority.

Vaulting the collection at least once, however, should definitely be a priority as completing all the New York Collections offers an achievement in the game. For players who are not concerned with earning achievements, vaulting the collection won’t matter.

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