Answering Your Question: How Can You Find Who Someone Is From Their Mafia Wars Profile? Mafia Wars the Online Game Tips and Tricks

Finding a Person’s Facebook Profile Through Mafia Wars


Since Facebook requires people to be a friend in order to add them as a player to any number of games, chances are, you know who all your current mafia members are, because you can access their profiles. But, if you run into someone in the game who’s not on your friends list–someone who attacked, robbed, or hitlisted you–you may decide you want to add them to your mafia.

Without a Facebook profile link, you cannot add them to your friends list. Without them on your friends list, you cannot add them to your mafia.

Here’s the answer to how can you find who someone is from their Mafia Wars profile:

  1. From the Mafia Wars home screen, choose the player you want to identify from the "Players Updates" box.
  2. Right click the player’s name link, and select "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut" depending on your browser. This gives you the URL to their Mafia Wars profile.
  3. Paste the URL into a new window to load the player’s mafia wars profile.
  4. Within the URL you’ll see a profile ID, which is the same as their facebook profile ID.
  5. Copy the ID number.
  6. In another browser window, type:
  7. Paste the ID number after the "=" symbol and press enter.
  8. The Facebook profile will load, and from there, you can send the person a friend’s request to add them to your mafia.

Can Players Still Use This Method?

Unfortunately, this method to identify players outside the Mafia Wars game no longer works. It appears as though Zynga has changed a few things where players are concerned. Though we’re not really sure why the changes were made, we can guess it has to do with player privacy–as it used to be possible to add a player to a game without being a friend on their list first.

Since Zygna and Facebook now require people to be friends before adding them as a neighbor or player in a game, it is pretty much null and void to need to find out who someone is from their gaming profile alone. We are not sure if this ability will be restored, but if it is, this article will be updated accordingly,

Is There Any Other Way?

At the time of this writing, there does not appear to be any other method to how can you find who someone is from their Mafia Wars profile. If we manage to uncover another way to help you out who someone is from their Mafia Wars profile, we will add it to this article.

Instead, we recommend you find the Mafia Wars players groups on Facebook to find people to add to your mafia, rather than relying on the gaming profiles to help you find people to add. This way, you know who everyone is from the get go and don’t have to worry about it.

Images in this article are copyright Zynga. The player profile is a screenshot taken from my personal gaming account.