The Secret Behind Mafia Wars Bots And Cheats

The Secret Behind Mafia Wars Bots And Cheats
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Mafia Wars is a popular game played on social media sites and smart phones. The goal is to climb through the ranks of the mob, while slowly gathering strength and resources, so you can assume control and become the Don. Gameplay is very similar to role-playing games since you have limited energy, health and stamina meters which recharge as you play. You also “level up” by completing missions which earn you experience points to increase stats as well as cash to spend in the game. Many players seek to get ahead in this game by using a variety of mafia wars bots and cheats found on the internet. I decided to spend a few days specifically hunting for tips and tricks that would help me level up in the game. I had a few hits and a lot of misses but I will share what worked for me.

The LoopHole Cheats


The best place to search for bots and cheats is through online game forums and websites. I’ve seen a few tips on game message boards and youtube claiming that there were secret cheats that would make a Don in a “week”. The most famous types of these cheats are the loophole cheats, where the site claims you can enjoy cool bonuses like free energy packs or unlimited stamina for a day by loading a certain link into your browser. I tried dozens of these cheats but none of them actually worked for me probably because Zynga caught wind and closed the hole.

This perfectly demonstrates the trouble with these so-called loophole cheats; it doesn’t take long for the game company to catch on. It’s really not all that surprising since thousands of people are clicking directly onto these links as soon as they are put up. If you are luckily enough to find an exploit in the software itself you can be guaranteed it won’t last long. These aren’t really cheats at all; they are flukes and temporary ones at that. Occasionally, game developers build free Easter eggs into the games for players to find, I guess you could call them officially unofficial game cheats. These are the only type that are going to get you consistent results in social media games which are much different than console or computer games. Unfortunately there are no officially unofficial cheats for mafia wars.

What About Bots?

So instead of focusing on questionable cheats for mafia wars, let’s turn our attention to Bots. A Bot is a small JavaScript that will automatically play part (or all) of the game for you. Since Mafia Wars relies heavily on timed gameplay to increase stats and level up, bots can be very useful indeed. If you visit Userscripts, you will find dozens of scripts designed for use in mafia wars.

Warning: Using any of the bots might be against the ToS for Mafia Wars and Facebook. Using them could get you banned from Mafia Wars and Facebook.

In order to

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utilize these tools you need to install the Firefox Browser. Once you have it installed you need to get the greasemonkey add-on for your browser. It allows you to install java scripts that customize the way a page loads in your browser, which is very useful ability for just about any social media or online game you play. Once you have greasemonkey installed you can choose from any number of custom mafia wars scripts to help you with your game. One of the most popular ones is the autoplayer that will automatically allow you to refresh the game, complete jobs, collect money and engage in war without having to lift a finger…even while you sleep!

So there you have it. Most of the loophole cheats are a waste of time but, if you are a die-hard cheater like me, you try them out anyway. If you want to get ahead in mafia wars then Bots are definitely the way to go. The trouble with player made Bots is that they tend to be very temporary, against Zynga’s ToS and, possibly, dangerous to your computer. You don’t have a lot of support if something goes wrong so if you choose to use them make sure you fully educate yourself on the risks associated with it.