Maple Story - Hidden Locations Guide

Maple Story - Hidden Locations Guide
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Hidden Streets

Maple Story is the type of MMORPG that’s riddled with secret locations.As various players coming from their own schools of thought have different quests or levelling needs, so do the monsters they have to face. So most of the time, these locations are for quality training purposes. Hidden streets also mean, its just a huge concentration of specific monster so if you’re looking for a place to collect items for a quest or just grinding to a specific level (continuous monster battling) then definitely check out the various locales around the islands.

A great advantage to hidden streets are, that since they’re hidden only a number of players know where they are. This means less traffic for you and more opportunities to really put on the hurt.(Although this could also be a counter argument as this means that if you’re not strong enough, you might get blitzed by the number of monsters on the offensive)

There are literally dozens of secret locations in Maple Global, but for the benefit of this article, we shall stick with Dungeon hidden streets (located just outside of Sleepywood)

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Dungeon : Damp Forest

For our First Hidden Street location, the Dungeon: Damp Forest. You’ll be making your way out of Sleepywood via the west portal. To get to Sleepywood, you can go the hard way (which is the long and arduous travel), or take a Cab to Ant Tunnel then head to Sleepwood. But the best way still is to get to Sleepwood the first time, (via Ways to Dungeons) and buy as many scrolls as you can. A player’s best friend is a scroll, his potions and his skills. Once in Sleepwood head NE to the top level and enter the portal from there. Once there, keep going up until you reach the NW portal.


THEN from there, you’ll supposedly be in Dungeon: Damp Tree Forrest, head to the most northern area and stand between the stone pillars in the map.


Press up like you entering a portal and voila! Your first hidden street is found. There are Octopi and Jr Necki around, both level 12 and 21 monsters so be careful that you’re strong enough to enter!

Sleep Dungeons I and II

Sleepy Dungeons are a connection of hidden streets in the Town of Sleepwood - this will be one continuous flow from here where I’ll divide the hidden streets into two sections - hopefully to give better sense of the places.

Getting there: To get to the first Sleepy Dungeon, first make your way to Sleepwood and go toe Eastern area where you will see a mysterious statue and a mushroom shaped house. Press up on the door, and it will get you into Sleepy Dungeon 1.


What to Expect: Be prepared to take on a variety of these creatures - Slime, Octopus, Green Mushroom, Jr. Necki, Horny Mushroom, Curse Eye and Lupin. Again it would be really foolish to venture into these areas without proper levelling, equipment and yes plenty of potions.

Sleepy Dungeon II: Getting here is easy, just keep going down the ladder hanging on Sleepy Dungeon I and you’ll get to a place where a mixture of low level and high level mosnters will await. Mostly, Slime, Green Mushroom, Jr Necki, Horny Mushroom , Dark Axe Stump and Lupins.


Sleepy Dungeons III to V

Sleepy Dungeon III: From here on out, its going to be tougher monsters so you need to be at a higher level because, aside from Curse Eyes and Lupins, Dark Stone Golems will wait for you. Big number hits will go your way and you’ll end up floating above your gravestone if you’re not prepared. But if you are, just head on down to the bottom of Sleepy Dungeon II to get here.


Sleepy Dungeon IV: Almost the same set-up as SD3, getting there is the usual ladder down route - but remember that there are more Dark Stone Golems abound so watch your step!


Sleepy Dungeon V: The last area of the dungeon sets, level V means that you’ll be facing off with usual undesirables - Slimes, Jr Neckis, Curse Eyes and Dark Stone Golems. By now I think you know how to get there simply access the ladder down.


Wrapping Up

So that’s it for the Dungeon Maps - I’ll be back soon and hopefully you’ve managed to slink some new levels in your pockets and a couple of sweet skills when its time for the next installment. Remember to stock up on potions (red and blue) and careful of the mass attacks that might come your way!

One final reminder - there are some hidden location that allow you to warp out in times of danger (via Portal Scrolls) but it doesn’t always work. Some areas don’t let you do that so be careful. Really, don’t go anywhere without potions, an escape plan or just the skills for it. Otherwise, you’re a sitting duck. Think a slime in a sea of lvl 68 mages.