Maplestory Fire Magic Skills

Maplestory Fire Magic Skills
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Maplestory Fire Magic Users

Fire is one of the basic elements available in Maplestory. Many classes use it, but few specialize in it. Obviously the Fire/Poison Archmages reign supreme, but did you know even Bowmasters and Paladins get access to fire spells? Well, this quick summary will tell you each of the classes that involve fire magic, to help you decide just how to immolate your enemies.

There are only two main classes that specialize in fire magic. Others may have single skills with fire element, but only two can truly be Maplestory fire magic users.

Fire/Poison Mages

Fire/Poison Mages are wizards that have chosen to follow the path of fire. They get a number of skills with fire element


al properties as early as level 30. They get Fire Arrow at level 30, which is a three-monster attack. At level 70 they get Magic Comp, which for them is both a fire and a poison elemental attack. They also get Explosion, a 6-monster area attack around where they stand. At 120 they get Fire Demon, which is a fireball with damage over time effects. They also get Ifrit, a fire-elemental demon summon. On top of that, they get Meteor Shower, a 15-monster mob attack with massive damage but a long cooldown.

Blaze Wizards

Blaze Wizards are the Cygnus Knight mage variant. With a max level of 120, they’re much stronger earlier on, but peter out once they reach their low level cap. Immediately at level 10 they can get Flame, a small fire-elemental wisp that deals damage to nearby enemies. At level 30 they get Fire Arrow and Fire Pillar, the second of which is much like Explosion, but with a smaller range. At level 70 they get Fire Strike, a six-monster attack with a fireball-throwing animation. They also get Flame Gear, which is an area of effect Damage over Time attack that leaves monsters at 1 HP. Not only that, but they also get Ifrit and Meteor shower, a full 50 levels earlier than Fire/Poison wizards.

Classes with Fire Abilities

A much larger number of classes get some small ability with Maplestory fire magic, but don’t specialize in it. Each of those classes, and their attacks, are listed below.

Ultimate Adventurer Wizards: If you get a Cygnus Knight to level 120 and complete a quest, you can create a wizard of any type (Fire/Poison, Ice/Lightning, or Cleric) an


d they will gain the Flame Gears ability.

Evans: These Dragon-wielding mage heroes have a number of fire-based attacks. They get Fire Circle, Fire Breath, Flame Wheel, and Blaze. For more in-depth information about Evans, read our detailed Evan Guide.

Mechanics: One of the newer classes to Maplestory, Mechanics only get one fire attack; a flamethrower.

White Knight: This warrior subclass at level 70 gains elemental charge abilities, including Flame Charge for both Swords and Blunt Weapons.

Outlaw: This leveled-up version of the Gunslinger gets a flamethrower attack that uses blaze capsules to let them shoot fire.

Bowmaster: The leveled up archers gain Inferno, a fire-elemental mob attack at level 70, and Phoenix, a fire-elemental summon at 120.

Monsters Weak to Fire

A number of monsters are weak to Maplestory fire magic, ranging from Stumps at level 7 to Munin, one of Pink Bean’s guardians, at level 180.

  • Level 1-30: Stump, Dark Stump, Black Wizard’s Subordinate, Candle Monster, Jr. Wraith, Dark Axe Stump, Blue Mushmom,


    Ligator, Cold Eye, Dust Box, Batoo, Genin, Streetlight, Muddy Swamp Monster, Cloud Fox, Cleric Visitor, Commander

  • Level 31-60: Jr. Grupin, Ice Sentinel, Leatty, Crystal Boar, Nependeath, Electrophant, Dark Leatty, Jr. Pepe, Extra A, Jr. Yeti, Giant Nependeath, Grupin, Trixter, Extra B, Pepe, Seperated Pepe, Extra C, Phantom Tree, Chunin, Moon Bunny, White Fang, Ice Drake, Nightghost, Water Goblin, Kunoichi, Commander 2

  • Level 61-90: Leader A, Samiho, Block Golem, Leader B, Blue King Goblin, Rowdy Puppet, Jr. Cactus, Extra D, Cactus, Crimson Tree, Royal Cactus, Scarlion, Booper Scarlion, Tippo Blue, Sand Dwarf, Opachu, Chaos Ooparts, Blue Goblin, Vikerola, Desert Giant, Selkie Jr.

  • Level 91+: Male Boss, King Sage Cat, Chaos Blue Wyvern, Klock, Bigfoot, Hankie, Chost Pirate, Pianus, Zakum Arm 4, Death Teddy, Bergamot, Dual Ghost Pirate, Crocky the Gatekeeper, Yeti, Transformed Yeti, Seperated Yeti, Blue Kentaurus, Freezer, Azure Ocelot, Rellik, Blood Reindeer, Phantom Watch, Yeti & Pepe, Bearwolf, Grim Phantom Watch, Grey Vulture, Red Krocky, Blue Dragon Turtle, Lycanthrope, Blue Wyvern, Qualm Monk, Bodyguard A, Qualm Monk Trainee, Qualm Guardian, Chief Qualm Guardian, The Boss, Munin

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