Maple Story - Job Advancement Guide Part 1

Maple Story - Job Advancement Guide Part 1
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On Job Advancement

Pretty much right after you leave Maple Island and finish the beginner’s quest. you’ll end up at Lith Harbor where you’ll be deciding what to do with your Maple Life. Are you supposed to be the protector of the people, out in the front lines of battle? Then become a warrior! Maybe you like stealth and agility - try becoming a Thief! If you’re into splash damages and coolness factor of magic, go the Magician’s route but if you don’t like all these and want to hit from a distance, safe and backing up the troops become an Archer.

Whatever path you choose, there are certain training you have to get through. Be that as it may, here’s a guide to help you on your quest! After your initial boost at leveling to 10 (or 8 if you’re a magician) you’ll get to pick what path you want to take. Picking the right path means having the right stats to make sure that you have the stats needed to become a certain job.

Head over to the city where you’re supposed to train and talk to the heads there. Once they’ve assessed you, you will be given extra experience points and of course the bonuses that come with your specified job. There is still of course, an extra training that your leaders will give you. This training will really help you out along your way. And as such, here are the training quests for the newly inducted Magicians, Warriors, Pirates, Thieves and Archers!

Don’t worry so much about the stats that you’ll need. With the new system of Maple Story, once you’ve picked a job - you’re stats will be locked to that so you don’t have to worry about messing up you stats. You can even have the computer auto-assign your stats for you! Isn’t that great?

Magician’s Job Advancement


To become a magician, you need to be at least Level 8 and have a minimum of 20 INT. Don’t worry about the stats, as mentioned earlier, once you pick a job, your stats are resets to fully optimize your playing! With that in mind, head on off to Ellinia, get to the highest part and talk to Grendel the Really Old about becoming a magician. With the obligatory perusal, you’ll soon be accepted!

You’ll be given 300 Experience Points originally, with your alignment configured properly to become an actual magician. Now with that in mind, on to the Magician’s Job Training.

Grendel thinks you have what it takes to become a great magician. However, you’ll still need to prove yourself to him. And how is that you ask? Why - by completing the Magician’s Job Training!

So what do you have to do? Simple really, get to the forests of Ellinia and take out 8 slimes. Just 8! Haha isn’t that easy? Not really. Remember that since magicians are practically based on LUK and INT, blunt attacks are not good for them, so it might take you a while. Remember to find cover. If you want, try using that leftover skill you have as a beginner. Throw snail shells at the suckers,

I’d really advice stocking up on snail shells and hurling them at the little slimeballs! Or better yet. use one of the new skills you’ll acquire as a magician. Energy bolt anyone? When you’re done, you’ll be given 30 red and blue potions as well as 290 experience points.

For your second training, you’ll need to take out 20 Slimes this time. Think you can do it?! Definitely! You’ll get 30 Orange and Blue potions as well as 323 EXP if you do!

Third training requires you to take down 35 Slimes gives you 345 EXP, 30 white potions and 50 blue potions. Whereas final training asks for you to take out 10 Dark Stumps, you can find them in the Field North of Ellinia and The Tree that Grew. Finishing this will give you 50 blue and white potions, 10 scrolls to the nearest town and 470 EXP

Warrior’s Job Advancement



If you’re looking to become a warrior, a healthy dosage of STR and DEX is needed in your path. You have to reach Level 10 too, before heading to Perion. Once there, talk to Dances with Balrog and begin your Warrior’s First Training Session.

Your first quest is to defeat 20 stumps. Now this is relatively easy because stumps are really riddled around Perion. Get to the training grounds and get cracking. Remember to rest and have potions ready. You don’t need to rush at it so quickly. Levelling takes time when you’re still at a pretty low level.

You’ll find the killing of 20 stumps is really just easy. You’ll get it done within a few minutes and be rewarded with 30 red and blue potions as well as 590 EXP. Second training needs you to take down 50 stumps, with rewards as far up as 30 blue and orange potions as well as 610 EXP.

The third training level asks you to take down 80 stumps, giving you 645 EXP , 30 White potions and 50 blue potions. Whereas the final training asks you to take down 15 stumps. The reward for this is 840 EXP, 50 white and blue potions as well as 10 Return to Town Scrolls.

Bowman Job Advancement



To become a Bowman, you need to have a high amount of DEX and a pretty decent amount of STR. Then, when you reach Level 10, head on over to Henesys and look for Athena Pierce. She’ll be in Mushroom Park (go to the right side and enter the house there) and will be awaiting you. Once assessed, she’ll tell you what it needs to take to become a Bowman.

After you’re fnally inducted into the ranks of the Bowmen, check out Athena again. She’ll have a Bowman’s Training Quest for you. Take it, you’re going to need it! She’ll want you to take out 16 slime, for your training. Head on over to Henesy’s Hunting Ground (the one to your left) It’s easier there, more slimes are clumped together and plenty of ropes to hang on just in case you need to heal. Skip the first two levels of the Hunting Ground and head on to the third one. That’s where most of the slimes are. As a bowman, remember to keep your distance and your ammunition stocked!

If you have enough mesos, I suggest going to Elliinia and training there. A lot of slimes will riddle your bath and you’ll seriously need to have some elbow space when you throw your arrows around. Completion of quest gets you 30 red and blue potion as well as 590 EXP

Part 2 requires for you to hunt down 40 slime, so what are you waiting for? Get cracking! Completion of this training grants you 30 blue and orange potions as well as 610 EXP

Part 3 needs more and more slimes! So get 65 slimes in order to get 30 white potion and 50 blue potion as well as 645 EXP.

The final training requires for you to take down 15 Ribbon Pigs - so head on out to areas in between Henesys and Lith Harbor. Better yet - look for some hidden streets in between , you never know! Final reward dukes out 50 white and blue potion. 10 Scrolls to the Nearest Town and 840 EXP!