Beginner's Guide to Maple Story - Quick Overview

Beginner's Guide to Maple Story - Quick Overview
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To Start Off..

OK, first, what is Maple Story and what is it about?

Maple Story is an MMORPG, stylized in 2D setting that lets players run around in an alternate world, taking up various professions. You start off as a Beginner but, from the early onset, have to carefully plan your moves to create good characters. You can pick from four classes of players, the archer, mage, warrior or thief. Each one of these paths will give you a simultude of quests and requirements. Work your way up the ranks, join guilds and establish your fame as you become one of the best Maplers out there!

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What is this Guide About?

Since I’ve already mentioned that choosing particular classes means taking particular steps, I will only focus on the actual guide for Beginners in terms of the levelling, skills available to them, and the quests involved. Actual allocations of ability points will be determined by the player as to what he wants to become. This guide will feature all quests available to the Beginner and how or where he can finish them.


The Usual

Assuming you’ve already registered for an account, downloaded the game, picked your server and created your character - your avatar is now transferred to Maple Island - the Land of Beginners. At the very beginning you’ll be taught the basic movements around the game and how certain stuff works. The advice that I will give out early on is to talk to ALL NPCs. They will give you tips, suggest things for you, give you tutorials and most importantly give you quests that will grant you items, mesos and experience points.

Now with that in mind, let’s begin the First Quest: Heena and Sera.

Talk to Heena to start this quest and follow instructions. From here on out I’ll be explaining how each quest will be played. Each particular quest on Maple Island is a tutorial - hence this is a tutorial for moving around. Head right to find Sera. Doing this will grant you 5 XP from Hera. Notice that at the beginning there are images of buttons you can press to move about. That’s why it’s called a tutorial after all! Now onwards!

As a reminder, NPCs that have available quests have a lightbulb over their heads, finished quests refer to closed books and to view your available Quests, press Q on the keyboard.

Roger’s Apple

Roger (who you’ll meet on the next map) will lower your life to half and give you an apple. This is to teach you how to use items to heal yourself. Finishing this quest grants you 3 Apples, 3 Green Apples and 10 Exp. At this point you’vel leveled up already. I won’t be giving tips on this regarding abilities because it varies from your job but for the skill try and alternate between Recovery and Three Snails First.


Moving About

Nina’s Brother Sen

Nina needs you to go into her house and ask her brother Sen what he’d like to eat. He’ll be wanting Mushroom Candy - go back to Nina and tell her that and she’ll give you 10 Mushroom Candies to give to Sen. As a reward, you’ll get 2 Mushroom Candies and 20 EXP.

Todd’s Hunting Method

To learn to fight, Todd will teach you his method. Basic Attack is the CTRL key (if you haven’t reconfigured your slots) and Z is to pick up dropped items of the monster. Destroy the Jr. Sentinel and go to Peter and he’ll give you 30 EXP and a tutorial on skill usage.

Once you move on to the next portal, monsters will be prevalent so it’s really important to use the skills taught you. You’ll be moving on to the main part of Maple Island where you’ll complete more quests as you try to leave this place and go to Victoria.

At Maple Island

Robin the Walking Encyclopedia

This is a quiz and as such, your answers should be the following to get the reward of 40 EXP

  • No it’s not possible
  • Magician
  • Thief - Nautilus

Help Hunt the Snails

Sam needs you to collect 10 Snail Shells for the Lovely Maria. Collect the shells and look for her at “A Split Road” . Once you deliver the snail shells to her, she’ll ask you to go to Amherst and deliver a letter to Chief Lucas. Once you do, he’ll give you 5 Red and Blue Potions as well as 40 EXP.

Helping Out Yoona

Yoona needs you to hunt for 10 Blue Snails and 10 Spores for her and she’ll give you 100 EXP in return.

Rain’s Maple Quiz 1- 7

Here are the answers to the quiz: I , Oh Yes, E , Z , Level 10, Level 8, 5 points and Southperry. Correctly answering her questions give you 20 EXP

Pio’s Collecting Recycled Goods

Collect 5 Rusty Screws and 5 Old Wooden Boards for Pio, by smashing crates around town. He’ll give you 200 Mesos and 100 EXP as a reward. Also, he’ll be giving a Relaxer - essential for healing in Maple Story.


Training for Victoria Island

Chief’s Introduction

Head off to the Field East of Amherst and find Mai who will train you to become a good fighter.

Mai’s First Training

For your first training, kill off 5 stumps and collect 3 tree branches for Mai.

Mai’s Second Training

This time you need to kill 5 Red Snails

Mai’s Third Training

Put 3 Slimes to sleep and get 1 squishy liquid!

Mai’s Fourth Training

Take out two pigs for the final training!

As a result of your training, Mai will give you 15 pieces of meat and lemon as well as 250 EXP! Now head on back to Chief Lucas and he’ll give you 500 EXP and a letter of Recommendation.

The final Quest for this Guide is Bari’s Test. Finish it by defeating one mushroom and bringing back one mushroom cap to him. If you do, you’ll be getting 700 EXP and his thumbs up. Now all you have to do is get to South Perry (talk to Biggs for one final quest which you’ll finish in Victoria Island) and look for Shanks. At first he’ll charge you 150 mesos but with Lucas' recommendation it’s free!

Once reaching Victoria Island, go look for Olaf to finish the quest from Biggs. You’ll be given 100 red and blue potions as well 500 EXP. From here on out, players will diverge as they choose different paths to a specific sort of job. Hopefully this guide was a great help!