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Maplestory Aran Guide - Introduction

Welcome to Bright Hub’s Maplestory Aran Guide! This guide covers everything you need to know about the new Aran class, from the basics of AP builds, to skill descriptions, to SP builds. First, though, a little about Arans.

Arans are a type of warrior class. This means they get right up close to monsters to kill them with powerful physical attacks, sometimes imbued with an element. Arans are a class that attacks very quickly and uses this to their advantage. How? They have a unique combo system, unlike any other class in Maplestory.

Each time you hit a monster your combo counter goes up. Since most of your attacks, including your normal attack, are multi-target? This means each and every one of your swings will build the combo by 2, 3, even up to 6 or more! This makes it easy to build to a combo of 200, 300, or more.

Arans use this combo meter in several ways. The higher their combo is, they get a buff that gets better. It increases attack, among other things, which will be covered in more detail later. They also “spend” the combo meter to use certain skills. The skills are powerful, but the Aran must then build the combo back up to use it again.

Arans get a mount at level 50 rather than level 70 like Adventurers, and it’s a savage wolf instead of the adventurer pig. They also have some ice-elemental attacks, and some unique defensive abilities. More on those later. Arans also use polearms, and only polearms, as their weapon of choice.

There are a few downsides to Arans. They’re warriors, so they have some small problem with accuracy, though with the Big Bang patch those issues are mostly gone. They have less HP than a normal warrior class, because of their defensive buffs. They have a unique method of activating skills: directional keys + the attack key. Veterans of fighting games will be at home with this, but it takes a lot of getting used to.

Arans NEED to do every quest in their questlines. This is how they unlock skills. Most Adventurers do one or two quests at 4th job to unlock a couple of skills, but Arans need to do this even for first-job skills. Similar to Evans in that respect, the important quests seem to be a function of Hero-class characters.

Maplestory Aran Guide - AP Builds

The foundation of your character and the basis of your power lies in your AP before anything else. Every level as an Aran you gain 5 AP to spend as you want to among HP, MP, DEX, STR, INT, and LUK. Hoever, you should pretty much never put points into any of those except STR and DEX. Some will argue not even DEX, so here are a few alternatives.

Note: Prior to the Big Bang update, accuracy was a very important stat. Now, your level is just as important, if not more so, to determining which monsters yo

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u can hit. Every level above yours that a monster is, is a passive 5% miss rate. So if you’re level 100 and you’re trying to kill level 110 monsters, that’s a full 50% miss rate regardless of your stats. Accuracy is still important, but no matter how much accuracy you have, you won’t be killing monsters above your level.

Regular DEX: Cap your DEX around 80-100. Less if you plan to get DEX-boosting equipment like a Zakum helmet, a Deputy Star, or one of the other good items. This build is generally for characters who don’t have a lot of funding, and who plan to rely simply on what they find in the course of their training. Because of how easy it is now to get a few good stat boosting items, there’s no need to use this build.

Low DEX: Leave your DEX somewhere between 30 and 70, depending on several factors. Choose what equipment you want to wear in your final levels and see how much DEX it requires. Then calculate how much you think you can get from equipment. A zak helm gives +15 clean, a Dep star another 5, a couple of rings can get another 10-15, a medal can get you a few more. Scroll an overall, a cape, some earrings, and some shoes and you can easily end up with +50-70 DEX before potential. Then figure out where you want to cap your dex so that the bonuses add up to what you need to equip what you want. This is the most typical build.

DEX-less: This build is for those who have a lot of money or a lot of items sitting around. Never put a point into DEX: cap it at 4. Every point goes into STR. Every bit of DEX you need for items and every bit of accuracy you need to hit monsters, you get from scrolling your equipment. This build is by far the most powerful, but also the most expensive.

So now, once you’ve chosen that, you can read on in this Maplestory Aran guide, and see what skills you get and how to distribute your SP to best effect.

Aran First Job

When you first create an Aran, you’re presented with a flashback storyline, and a tutorial. Following those gives you a preview of the Aran class to come, and gets you enough exp to bring you right up to level 10. Congratulations! You’re now an Aran!

Arans have to do quests to gain some of their skills. Don’t forget to do them all. The ones you have to do will be marked “Aran” in the quest window. What skills do Arans get in first job? These:

  • Combat Step: Press an arrow


    key twice to dash in that direction, cannot be used while jumping. 15 SP to max. Requires level 5 Double Swing.

  • Combo Ability: Increases your attack for every 10 combo on your meter, up to 10 times. 10 SP to max. Requires level 10 Double Swing

  • Double Swing: Press the attack key twice to attack with a two-hit combo, hitting up to 12 monsters. 20 SP to max.

  • Polearm Booster: Uses HP and MP to increase attack speed for a short time. 20 SP to max. Requires level 5 Combat Step.

Four skills here in the first job, and already you need to do quests to unlock two of them. Combo Ability and Polearm Booster must be unlocked, at levels 14 and 22 respectively. This limits your build options significantly.

First thing first, you want to max out Double Swing. It’s your only attack, so you want it to be good. Once you have 5 points in it you can add 1 point to Combat Step for some mobility. Once you have 10 points in it youshould add 1 point into Combo Ability. Once you’ve maxed out Double Swing, add points to Combo Ability for the buff; each point in it is an addition time the buff can stack, up to ten.

Adding more to Combat Step afterwards will give you mobility but isn’t as useful as Booster would be. Unfortunately you don’t get booster until level 22. Once you get Booster, bring it up to level 16, and put the rest of your points into Combat Step. Why? At level 15 Booster increases your attack speed by 3 instead of 2 or 1 at lower levels. If you max Booster you can’t max Combat Step, and adding points to booster after 16 only increases the buff duration. Combat Step is more useful and more fun.

Aran Second Job

Aran Second Job is at level 30, just like every Adventurer. If you’ve been following the quests you’ll be right at home with the storyline and the job advancement comes naturally. You now have a new set of skills to play with and your next job advancement is at level 70, so you have plenty of time to play with them. Unfortunately you don’t have the SP to max all of them, so be cautious of the builds below.

  • Body Pressure: A buff that retur

    Aran Movie Screenshot by DecroX01

    ns damage you take to enemies, and can temporarily remove their hit boxes so they can’t damage you again. Also has a chance to stun. 20 SP to max.

  • Combo Drain: Gives you a % of the damage you deal back as HP. Requires 30 combo to use. 20 SP to max. Requires level 1 Combo Ability. Obtained from a quest at level 37.

  • Combo Smash: Throws a powerful polearm at your enemies. Attacks up to 10 monsters for 600% damage. 20 SP to max. Requires level 1 Combo Ability. Obtained from a level 45 Quest.

  • Final Charge: Pushes monsters in front of you away from you. Must use at the end of a triple-swing combo. 30 SP to max. Requires level 20 Triple Swing. Obtained from a level 54 Quest.

  • Polearm Mastery: Increases your mastery and accuracy with a polearm. 20 SP to max. Requires level 3 Triple Swing.Mastery increases your minimum damage, making your hits more stable.

  • Triple Swing: Adds one hit to your normal attack combo, for a total of 3. Hits up to 12 monsters. 20 SP to max. Requires MAX Double Swing.

You really only have two build options here. Do you want to max Body Pressure or do you want to max Final Charge? Final Charge will help with mobbing, but is left behind in later jobs for better skills. Body Pressure is a great defensive buff that stops enemies from hurting you completely, can stun enemies, and adds to your damage slightly. Either way, up until level 57 your build is the same either way.

Start by adding some points into Triple Swing. Then, as soon as you are able to add points into it, almost-max Polearm Mastery. Increasing your minimum damage is much more valuable and increasing your maximum damage. Leave Mastery at level 19 for now; that last point only adds 1 accuracy and is less valuable now. Bring your Triple Swing up to level 7 and then start saving points. At level 45, once you get the quest to get Combo Smash, max it immediately with the points you saved. The damage that skill can put out leaves your normal attacks in shame. From here, add points every level until you max Triple Swing, then start adding points to Combo Drain. Once Drain is maxed, your choice begins.

Final Charge is a very useful skill for these levels, so you want some points into it. The question is, when do you stop adding points? If you want to max Final Charge, just max it and add the rest of your points to Body Pressure. If you would rather max Body Pressure, which is the recommended build, leave Final Charge at 21.

At level 70 you can add one final point to Mastery for that one accuracy. Maybe it will help, maybe it won’t, but 1 accuracy makes more of a difference than 1 point in Charge or Pressure.

Aran Third Job

Congrats on your third job advancement! Most players will make it about this far and never make it to 120, so you have plenty of room to pass people. Your rank will probably just keep shooting up the more you train. Unlike the previous jobs, you don’t get additional hits to your main combo here. Instead you get a whole plethora of interesting and unique skills to play around with.

With the number of SP you get between 70 and 120, and the number of skills you get, you would think you have a number of build options. Instead, you don’t, really. Your build choice comes down to when to get skills, rather than if you want to get them or not. Before that though, the skills!

  • Combo Critical: Like Combo Ability, the higher your co

    Aran Image

    mbo the more this buff stacks. This buff increases critical hit rate and damage, up to 10 stacks. Requires Level 10 Combo Ability. 20 SP to max.

  • Combo Fenrir: Like Combo Smash, Combo Fenrir is a “finishing move” that deals heavy damage at the expense of your combo. Requires 100 Combo to use. Requires Level 10 Combo Smash. 30 SP to max.

  • Final Toss: Like Final Charge, must be used at the end of a triple-swing combo. Final Toss throws up to 12 monsters into the air and, if you hit them while airborne, deals more damage to them. Requires Triple Swing level 20. 30 SP to max.

  • Full Swing: Passive skill that increases the damage of your double and triple swing attacks. Requires Triple Swing level 20. 20 SP to max.

  • Rolling Spin: Knocks away monsters on both sides of you to clear some breathing room. 20 SP to max.

  • Smart Knockback: Lowers the amount of damage it takes to knock back monsters. 20 SP to max.

  • Snow Charge: Adds ice element to your attacks, and slows monsters you hit with it. 20 SP to max.

Unfortunately, Rolling Spin is basically useless. You’re playing a class that relies on being in the thick of mobs of monsters, hitting as many of them at a time as you can manage. A skill that tosses them away from you lessens the number of monsters in your mob and makes it harder to maintain a higher combo.

Your build options here come down to what you want to play with first. Which do you want first? Snow Charge or Smart Knockback?

At level 71 you should put a few points into various skills: Final Toss, Combo Critical, and either Full Swing or Combo Fenrir, whichever you feel like playing around with. From there, though, you should max Full Swing, and then max Combo Critical. These two are the most drastic increases to your standard methods of dealing damage. From here, choose to max either Snow Charge or Smart Knockback. Snow Charge will slow your enemies, and is helpful if you’re training on fire elemental enemies. Smart Knockback is very helpful for keeping monsters pinned and flinching so they don’t attack you, and adds to your mobility while training.

Whichever one you maxed first, max the other one after it. From there, max out Combo Fenrir, and then finally Final Toss. You can swap the order of those if you so desire. Because of how useless Rolling Spin is, your SP is better spent in other skills, and since you’ve maxed everything else in Third Job, you have to turn to other jobs. You may as well max Final Charge, or put more points into Polearm Booster.

Aran Fourth Job

Level 120 has come, and you’re at the final advancement of power for your class. A new set of skills has come your way and you’re ready to take on anything. Well, here’s the skills available to you and the builds you can try out. Keep in mind that to a small extent, your build will depend on how much money you have. By which I mean how easily you can afford to buy or find the skillbooks you need to increase your skills. The same is true for all 4th job classes.

  • Combo Barrier: A party buff that decreases damage taken

    Combo Warrior

    by 20%. Requires a combo of 200 to use. Requires Combo Drain level 10. 30 SP to max.

  • Combo Tempest: Freezes monsters such that if you hit them, they die. Does heavy damage to bosses instead. Requires a combo of 200 to use. Requires level 10 Combo Fenrir. 30 SP to max.

  • Final Blow: After a triple-swing combo, add another fierce attack at no combo cost. Requires Triple Swing level 20. 30 SP to max.

  • Freeze Standing: Like a Warrior’s Stance, greatly decreases the chance you’ll be knocked back by monsters. 30 SP to max.

  • Hero’s Will: The skill all Maplers get, cures abnormal status afflictions with a long cooldown. 5 SP to max.

  • High Defense: Permanently reduces the damage you take by up to 15%. 30 SP to max.

  • High Mastery: Increases your mastery level, attack, and minimum critical hit damage. Requires Polearm Mastery level 20. 30 SP to max.

  • Maple Warrior: Another skill all maplers get, it is a buff that increases your base stats by a percentage. 30 SP to max.

  • Over Swing: Passively increases the damage of Double and Triple swing. Requires Full Swing 20. 30 SP to max.

Your build for 4th job is dependant largely on how available you find the books you need to increase your skills Maple Warrior, for instance, is insanely expensive on any server. Others, like Combo Tempest, may be cheap enough to buy immediately. So rather than list an entire build, I’ll simply list the skills in order of preference, if you’re looking for damage.

  1. Overswing - This adds the most damage to your most common attacks.
  2. High Mastery - Get this to 90% mastery quickly, but maxing it can come later.
  3. Freeze Standing - Helps keep you from being knocked around.
  4. Combo Barrier - Useful for parties and for a lower cost of training.
  5. Final Blow - Get one point of this when you advance, and max the rest later.
  6. Maple Warrior - Get as much as you can afford to get, but don’t worry if you can’t max it.
  7. Combo Tempest - Not useful enough for training early on, but later it can help you KO monsters you couldn’t easily before.
  8. High Defense - Useful for reducing training costs, but not as useful for increasing training speed.
  9. Hero’s Will - Useless until you want to try to kill Pink Bean or Horntail. Max last.

But hey, it’s your 4th job! Add whatever points in whatever order you want to. It’s all good.

Changes in Maplestory Chaos

Recently GMS went through a patch known as the Big Bang. While it had many changes in store for the Maple World, it primarily focused on making Adventurers more balanced. It didn’t do much of anything to Arans, however; that comes later.

The next major patch is called the Maplestory Chaos patch, and it does for Arans, Evans, and Resistance characters what the Big Bang did for Adventurers. Skills are made better! Skills are made worse! Skills are added! Here’s a quick and dirty list of changes made in the Chaos updates.

  • Combo Smash moved from second job to first job

    Aran Image 2

  • Combat Step max level decreased

  • Double Swing damage increased

  • Combo Ability stacks higher, higher max level

  • Combo Fenrir moved from Third Job to Second

  • Triple Swing damage increased

  • Final Charge max level decreased

  • Snow Charge moved from third job to second job

  • Body Pressure duration increased, damage increased

  • Combo Judgement added: powerful skill replaces Combo Fenrir in third job, has damage over time

  • Full Swing damage increased

  • Rolling Spin nerfed overall

  • Final Toss max level decreased

  • Final Toss damage increased

  • Combo Recharge added: instantly increase combo meter

  • Cleaving Attack added: damage that ignores enemy defenses

  • Swift Move added to 4th job

  • Many other skill damage increases

So Arans have a lot of changes. Note: not all changes are listed above, and not everything listed above may be 100% accurate. This data is all pulled from the Korean version of the game and translated, so it may not be what we receive in GMS. When the Chaos Patch is released, the changes will be added to this guide.

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