Mega Man

Mega Man

Mega Man 10: Vs. Pump Man and Solar Man

Roboenza is spreading like wildfire, driving robots into a killing frenzy. It’s up to Mega Man and Proto Man to put a stop to the most dangerous of these robots and help Dr. Light come up with a vaccine. Oh, and stop Dr. Wily from taking over the world while they’re at it.

Page One Walkthrough: Splash Woman

Truly one of the best Mega Man games that has been in the market in years because it has the elements that made this franchise a classic in video game history. With this walkthrough we are going to learn how to beat this amazing game.

Mega Man: The 5 Worst Weapons of All Time

Mega Man 9, released at the end of September, wooed longtime fans with its 8-bit graphics and sound. Like the old games, your job is to destroy a cabal of evil robots, taking their weapons along the way. Great concept, but each game was good for at least one dud weapon. Below, the best of the worst.