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    • Mega Man 10 Review -- Another Classic 8-Bit Revival Done Right
      After six NES games, one 16-bit near-misstep (two if you count the previously Japan-only Mega Man and Bass when it hit the Game Boy Advance) and a 32-bit total meltdown the return to 8-bit style for number nine proved to be a hit, and number ten is just as good as the reasons herein will attest.
    • Mega Man 10: Thrashing the Robot Masters
      Roboenza is spreading like wildfire, driving robots into a killing frenzy. It's up to Mega Man and Proto Man to put a stop to the most dangerous of these robots and help Dr. Light come up with a vaccine. Oh, and stop Dr. Wily from taking over the world while they're at it.
    • If It Ain't Broke: Mega Man 10 Review
      Another Mega Man game has arrived, giving fans another taste of the classic platforming giant. The tenth installation of the classic Mega Man series features all of the unforgiving challenge and retro gameplay that gamers have come to expect. Fans of the series won't be disappointed.
    • Mega Man 9 (Wii Walkthrough)
      Truly one of the best Mega Man games that has been in the market in years because it has the elements that made this franchise a classic in video game history. With this walkthrough we are going to learn how to beat this amazing game.
    • Megaman X8 Review
      As challenging as it is dated, Megaman X8 is an old-school style action game that will please longtime fans of the series but may leave some newer gamers frustrated and wondering what all the hype is about.
    • Megaman Battle Network 5: Defeating Nebula Grey (DS)
      Megaman has made all the way through Regal's fortress and defeated all of his Darkloids. The only foe left is Nebula Grey, a creature born from the evil soul of man. It must be stopped or the world will forever be consumed by evil. Learn the best tatics to defeat him in the boss battle guide.
    • The Five Worst Mega Man Weapons
      Mega Man 9, released at the end of September, wooed longtime fans with its 8-bit graphics and sound. Like the old games, your job is to destroy a cabal of evil robots, taking their weapons along the way. Great concept, but each game was good for at least one dud weapon. Below, the best of the worst.