The Best Methods to Create a Creeper-Proof House (Minecraft Guide)

The Best Methods to Create a Creeper-Proof House (Minecraft Guide)
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Don’t Fear the Creeper

Silent, sneaky, and apparently a sunscreen user, Creepers can lurk around any corner or hide atop a tree at night and wait to catch you off guard in the morning. Not only will this disrupt your plans for the rest of the day in Survival Mode, but they can wreak havoc on your base! Luckily, there are many precautions you can take to avoid your base getting destroyed. Let’s go about making you a Creeper proof house in Minecraft!

How to Make a Creeper-Proof House

Minecraft allows you to make torches. Make them! Creepers can only spawn in dark areas, be it caused by nightfall, under a large tree, or in a house that isn’t well lit. If a Creeper happens to appear in your house, your base is going to get leveled. Space the torches about five or six squares apart to prevent monsters from appearing within your torchlight. Continue placing torches until anywhere near your home, inside and out, is bright enough to keep monsters away at night. Remember: Monsters do not spawn in bright areas, but they can still walk through them. If you only leave one dark enough space on your base, they will keep appearing there until you add another torch, or leave the area.

Tip: Having difficulty spotting Creepers hiding in trees? Check out this amazing guide and see how to easily download and install Minecraft texture packs.

Defend Your Homestead With a Moat

All creatures within Minecraft, Creeper included, cannot jump more than two blocks high. (Spiders can climb as well as jump, but that’s another topic.) The one weakness a Creeper has is that they tend to run directly at you once they ‘lock on.’ You can use this to your advantage by digging a dry moat around your perimeter. Be sure to make it at least three blocks deep and two blocks wide, that way they will get stuck down there and the brute will not be able to jump the gap towards you. Make this moat as close or far away from your home as you wish, just be sure to use torches within the moat’s borders or you will be stuck inside the area with monsters at night!

Note: Do not fill the moat with water or else they can swim across!

Possibly the Single Greatest Way to Make a Creeper-Proof House

Minecraft has many blocks you can choose from to make your home, but only a handful are helpful to fight off the dreaded Creeper. Stone, cobblestone, and brick blocks are all resistant to explosions, while obsidian is completely immune. (That is, stone will get damaged a little, while obsidian won’t get a scratch.) Materials like sand and dirt almost have no resistance at all, and while many people like to build quick houses out of dirt, if you want a Creeper-proof house, you have to make it out of something strong.

Tip: Making the walls of your house two blocks thick will help out as well. The outer wall’s stone will get damaged while the inner wall will remain. Simply patch the hole with more stone and it is like the Creeper attack never even happened!

Putting it All Together

A Finished Cobblestone House

Find a flat section of land, sandy islands or mountain top, for example. Clear all the trees if there is any, and make torches. (Furnaces can cook logs into charcoal to speed this process up.) Place them around the area and then dig a moat around your property. During the night, mine up some stone for your home. After a stack or two it should be morning and you can finish up that moat. Once that is complete, build the house of your dreams! The lights prevent Creepers spawning in the area, the moat prevents them from getting close, and for extra protection–and to look wicked cool, you made yourself a home of stone!

Enjoy your Creeper-proof house! Minecraft is just full of fun little tricks like these, if you find any of your own be sure to leave comments below!


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Screenshots provided by ramen4life