Innebula Browser Game Review: Take to the stars and build fleets

Innebula Browser Game Review: Take to the stars and build fleets
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Innebula Game Basics (3 out of 5)

The Innebula browser game takes you to the stars where you can build up your own space-based empire. You’ll start with one planet but can branch out from there. The game has two min interfaces the star map where you view and explore the galaxy and your planet management screen where new buildings, ships and other structures for your empire are built. Each planet has a headquarters building where construction of new structures takes place. Missions are completed in the beginning phases of your game to get some needed resources for new construction.

Game Economy (3 out of 5)


Innebula features different resources you can use to build up your game economy. Marble, metal, crystal, and hydrogen are the resources used in the game. Each of these mines will produce more resources as they are upgraded to higher levels. You can do beginner missions to get the production of these mines started. Building a bunker and distribution center will give you more room for extra resources that you mine. The game also features a queue so as long as you have free resources to build with you can queue up a bunch of buildings to construct while you’re offline.

The Star Map (5 out of 5)

The game features a nice star map that shows your planet and the ones around you. The map can be zoomed into your sector and you can scroll to new sectors or just enter in the coordinates if you have them. The map is very easy to use and it’s a highlight of this space game. Some systems will produced higher yields of different resources that you need to construct structures in the game. Overall this is a very good star map for a browser game where maps in similar games can be problematic.

General Game Play (3 out of 5)

Innebula is a nice space based game but it moves at a very slow pace. Missions are a nice feature but it’s difficult in the beginning to get enough resources to do anything in the game. Even after doing the first eight or so missions, I am unable to start even modest shipbuilding and the help system isn’t implemented in the game yet. The game feature s a lot of structures but there’s no real descriptions of them so you’re unable to see what exactly they do or which ones to build into your queue. This is a shame since the star map and interface of this game look great it just needs more detail .The game even features a battle simulator that you can use to see how your fleets will do against different armies but it lacks detail. The forums aren’t much help because they don’t appear to be used much at the moment.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

In its current form, Innebula isn’t worth playing because it moves along at a very slow pace and there’s not enough information included with the game to keep you coming back for more. The interface on the other hand is well done and it shows great potential. Players who like space based MMOs should stick with browser games such as Ogame for the time being and give Innebula a pass until it has more features.