Dofus Guide for Iop Paladins

Dofus Guide for Iop Paladins
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Paladins To The Rescue

For those of you who are new to the Dofus universe you’re probably wondering what the heck is an Iop? It’s basically a race that loves to fight. This race is attached to a class archetype most people know as a Paladin and just like all other Paladins many of the skills and abilities of the Iop are fairly easy to grasp. You can learn more right here at Bright Hub with this Dofus guide for Iop Paladins.

Tanks, Helpers, Killers

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The Iop are a nice mixed bag of an archetype, allowing players to adopt their skills in a variety of situations that make the Iop very useful. For instance, as Paladins this class has a wide range of short and long range buffs that help for tanking and for protecting teammates.

Guardians aren’t the only thing these vicious warriors are known for, though. Players who prefer to take charge in a battle can do so with a nice array of powerful skills and AOE abilities to dispatch some of the toughest foes.

The Role Of The Paladin


There are a couple of roles available for the Iop in Dofus. The most prominent and the easiest to build is a Strength based Paladin who obliterates opponents with up-close and personal melee attacks.

There is also the Intelligence based build, which focuses on buffing up teammates and using some minor spells to ward off enemies.

An alternative build to both the aforementioned is an agility, or dodge-based build. This build is good for players who would like to keep bosses and opponents off guard and off balanced with plenty of buffs and agility based maneuvers.

Iop Skills And Abilities


Level - Brokle: Requires an exchange of Doploons, and maximizes the total roll dice so a spell has maximum effect.

Level 1 – Intimidation: A standard attack that also repels enemies, sort of the opposite of most other Tank attacks that usually draw aggro.

Level 1 – Pressure: A short range Earth elemental attack that does light damage.

Level 1 – Jump: This is an essential skill depending on your Iop build. For agility based Paladins this is a must have for getting out of tight binds. For Tanks this skill is good for crowding an opponent and forcing aggression.

Level 3 – Compulsion: This is a generic buff that causes the selected target to increase some of the damage from the output of skills.


Level 6 – Divine Sword: A double-damage attack that deals damage from the caster and from an Air elemental attack.

Level 9 – Sword of Fate: A useful AOE attack that damages enemies linear to the caster. This attack can inflict fire damage to multiple enemies.

Level 13 – Bravery Guide: A very useful buff that increases the damage inflicted from the player as well as all nearby allies.

Level 17 – Increase: This is a single-target buff that grants the selected target an increase in damage for that turn only. This is useful when another player is using a big attack and needs an extra damage bonus to inflict additional damage.

Level 21 – Destructive Sword: A very powerful fire-attack skill that requires a lot of AP to use. This is a high damage attack useful for bosses or dispatching a single target very quickly.

Hurling a boulder

Level 26 – Cut: Attacks enemies on a linear path and has a chance to inhibit their movements.

Level 31 – Blow: A skill that enables the player to rearrange foes or allies within two spaces. Especially useful for situations where allies may be paralyzed or locked or for preemptively setting up a subsequent attack such as Cut or Sword or Fate.

Level 36 – Vitality: This nifty skill increases the vitality of the caster and nearby allies for up to 20 turns. Especially useful for long battles.

Level 42 – Sword of Judgement: A multi-elemental attack, with partial Water and Fire life-steal plus heavy Air elemental damage.

Level 48 – Power: Adds a small percentage to the total damage inflicted from a single target. This buff can be used on the caster or a targeted ally.

Level 54 – Mutilation: Another damage buff boost that works for a single turn. The catch is that the damage boost comes at the expense of some HP.

Level 60 – Strength Storm: A standard heavy Fire elemental attack.

Level 70 – Celestial Sword: Throws flashes of lightning in a sweeping AOE attack.

Level 80 – Concentration: A close range Earth elemental attack perfect for getting out of a bind.


Level 90 – Sword of Iop: A multi-target sword attack that deals Earth elemental damage to the surrounding targets.

Level 100 – Iop’s Wrath: Increases base damage for up to four turns, allowing players to unleash massive damage on any target with devastating results.

Level 200 – Summoning of Iop Dopple: Summons a doppelganger of the Iop to fight in battle.

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