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Elsword Guide
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Elsword To The Rescue

The new game from Kill3r Combo is a bit of a mix of previous MMOs out there while adding some of its own flair to the genre. Elsword is a 3D side-scrolling, beat-e’m-up MMO designed in a similar vein to games like Dragon Saga, La Tale and the age-old classic, Zeliard.

Elsword’s prime focus of gameplay resides in its fast-paced, combo based combat system, which can be manipulated to pull off some amazingly cool moves and finishers. Find out more with this Elsword guide for the Elsword class.

Gameplay Tips And Character Info

There are only three character archetypes (so far) in Elsword, they include Elsword, Aisha and Rena. Each character focuses on something a little bit different on the battle; _Elsword f_ocuses on up-close melee attacks while Aisha relies on magic and Rena is an archer.

For Elsword, many gamers will be right at home playing him if they’ve played the Knight class from Dragon Saga. Many of his combos are very similar to the way Dragon Saga is played and those of you who have mastered that playing style will be very comfortable with Elsword. This character class also carries similarities to the Knight class in Lunia Online, the 2D based action RPG.

Combos And Techniques

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The game uses a basic two button fighting scheme with the ability to alternate combos with the press of various key combinations and skills intertwined in between. As players level up new combinations will become unlocked and new ways to finish off opponents will be earned.

You’ll receive extra experience for performing sustained combos and using special attacks as finishers. The more technique you display during a round the more likely you are to walk away from the map with plenty of coins and experience points. One way to keep a combo going is to keep enemies propelled in the air with the forward-forward-strong attack combo (also known as the Dash+Strong Attack combo). Performing air juggles is another good way to rack up a lot of experience points as well, and it can sometimes be used on bosses.

For technically astute gamers, there’s a nice little move called Counterattack. You’ll get the full details on this skill below. However, it’s important to note that it’s not a skill you can hold down in order to effectively counter-block an opponent’s attack. This skill requires careful timing in between your own attacks and as a preemptive measure against an enemy’s attack. Nevertheless, Counterattack is an indispensable move that’s worth practicing in order to master out on the battlefield.

Skill List And Abilities

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Basic Physical Defense Training: This increases your basic defenses against physical attacks from strikes, crushing blows and knock-back attacks. This can increase your physical defenses by up to 25 points.

Megaslash: A charged sword attack that can deal up to 1000% additional damage at level 5. This is a quick attack and is best used at the end of a combo.

Counterattack: Basic defensive attack that requires good timing on the player’s part in order to be useful. You cannot upgrade this skill. This is a quick-slot, active defense ability.

Fatal Fury: A rotating sword attack that strikes the enemy three times and then finishes with an AOE attack. This skill does absolutely massive damage and the first three strikes can hit anyone directly in front of you.

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Flame Geyser: An AOE attack that places fire on the ground for continuous damage as a DOT attack. Essential for group mob attacks or when surrounded by large monsters.

Basic Magic Defense Training: Adds a small percentage per level up to your defensive attributes against magic attacks. Very useful especially against AOE magic users who use attacks that are hard to dodge.

Basic Physical Offense Training: This adds a small percentage to the your physical offensive skills when used against opponents vulnerable to physical attacks. An essential skill for those focusing primarily on DPS.

Basic Magic Offense Training: This isn’t as useful for Elsword as it is for Aisha, but this passive skill can still be quite useful when using magic based skills or weapons with magic buffs attached to them.

Magic Accelerator: Increases magical attacks [initially] by 20% for up to 20 seconds. This skill does not stack with other magic buffs.

Assault Slash: This is a lunging attack that deals repeated blows to all targets within the line of attack. An essential skill when lunging from atop a platform or for crowd controlling a boss and his fellow minions.

Counter Attack Mastery: A passive counterattack upgrade that has a high chance to launch enemies into the air after being used successfully. This skill can be upgraded for up to five levels.

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Shield Accelerator: Increases magic and physical defensive properties [initially] by 40% for up to 25 seconds. This skill cannot be stacked with other magical defensive buffs.

Power Accelerator: Much like the magic accelerator, the Power Accelerator increases all physical attacks by 20% for up to seconds. This skill does not stack with other skills.

Triple Geyser: Another AOE fire attack that deals continuous fire damage

Unlimited Blade: The ultimate blade combo that unleashes massive damage per every hit with a final energy, AOE blast that does the ultimate damage to targeted foes.

Kick: A nifty skill that can re-elevate enemies back up into the air for additional air juggles.

Hopefully this beginner’s guide helped out. For more MMORPG guides feel free to check them out right here at Bright Hub.