Dragon Saga Archer Guide

Dragon Saga Archer Guide
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Call For A Dragon Archer

Like most other MMORPGs out there, the side-scrolling 3D arcade-style RPG, Dragon Saga, (probably best known to most gamers as Dragonica) has all the standard playable character classes and archetypes most RPG fans have grown to know and love from the medieval-fantasy MMO universe. This action-packed RPG is a lot more fast-paced than other MMOs out there and if you’re not sure how to properly utilize a character class you can end up wiping quite a bit. Gamers looking to find out more about the Archers and how they work, what their skills are like and how to best utilize them throughout the game can find everything needed right here in this Dragon Saga’s archer guide for beginners.

The Basic Playing Method For A Archer

Fighting a boss

In most MMOs when playing as an archer players are limited to ranged attacks that must be executed in very strict manners. Close combat attacks are only permitted when an enemy gets too close and there’s no where else to turn or no where else to run. Some MMOs even penalize archers for trying to use long range attacks at a very close-range distance.

Dragon Saga’s Archers are handled slightly different from other rangers/scouts/archers, insofar that they’re designed to be high-speed characters who get straight into the thick of battle and can go toe-to-toe with any other opponent using a number of evasive maneuvers, devastating critical strikes and multi-target AOE attacks.

The real highlight of the Archers in Dragon Saga is that they move rather fast so it allows players to jump right into the middle of a mob and conveniently get out without as much as gaining a scratch. This is due to a nice little cache of skill sets based around keeping Archers nimble, agile and tough to hit.

Part 1

Before you can jump into understanding what it takes to fight mobs effortlessly or PvP like a pro you need to first understand what sort of moves are at the disposal of a archer early on in the game. You can check out the skills for the archer in the game below:

Moonwalk skill

Moonwalk: This is a very useful skill that can be used at level 1, allowing players to swiftly dodge backward, similar to the scout’s recoil skill in Allods Online.

Moonwalk Shot: A combination skill attack that combines moonwalk with a quick-shot while moonwalking. This is a great evasive counter-attack maneuver. This skill can only be purchased after acquiring Moonwalk.

Rising Arrow: One of the most useful skills for a low level archer on the game, this skill initiates an air juggle situation by popping mobs in the air. The higher this skill is leveled the more mobs that can be jettisoned into the air.

Part 2

Anti-Air Shot skill

Anti-Air Shot: This allows players to continue the air-juggle initiated by Rising Arrow, by continuously shooting airborne enemies with a combo attack. A nice selection of combos can be streamed using Rising Arrow and Anti-Airshot in succession.

Double Strike: This fires a double-shot of devastating power. It’s a rather slow attack and doesn’t combo in very well but it’s great for a follow-up critical strike. This skill requires anti-air shot in order to use it.

Shootdown: This is a mid-air attack that allows players to rain down a multi-shot on foes below during a jump attack. This is a great maneuver to deal out extra DPS while getting out of a tight situation. This skill requires Rising Arrow in order to use it.

Multishot: A frontal multi-mob attack that fires three different shots at mobs. Given the short range this attack requires players to be rather close to mobs in order to get effective use out of it.

Archer skill table

Re-Launch: Up to two fallen enemies can be re-launched into the air after falling to the ground. Subsequently, using anti-air shot again allows you to re-continue combo attacks on mobs.

Rapid Step: A basic archer skill that allows players to quick-step, similar to the dash that scouts use in Allods Online. This skill is great to level-up for players who plan to maneuver around enemies quickly.

Utilizing Skills Effectively

An archer’s work is never done

Even if you have a ton of skills it doesn’t really matter unless you know how to effectively put them to use. Many of the archer skills in Dragon Saga need to be used into combos to get the most out of them, otherwise mobs will quickly swarm you and put a serious hurting on your toon. The best approach is to start off with a rising arrow attack followed by an anti-air combo, followed by a re-launch attack with another quick anti-air combo follow-up. If done correctly, you can wipe out groups of mobs without ever being touched, which is a great way to both grind for money or grind for levels. The really good part about is that these skills and combo techniques also work during boss fights. Don’t forget, also, that moonwalking works wonders for evading frontal attacks from mobs. Be sure to employ that skill often and fighting off baddies in Dragon Saga should be a breeze.

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